Overlocker Accessories

Overlocker Accessories

Tailor projects to your own specific requirements

  • Specific presser feet make special applications possible
  • Gathering foot to create gathers and ruffles
  • Apply strings of beads and sequins with ease

Accessories for Overlocker

A good sewing idea should never fail for lack of essential accessories. BERNINA Special accessories for sergers offer you the chance to customize your BERNINA serger to the requirements of the project at hand. Confident of achieving first-class results, you’ll gain more creative leeway to implement your ideas.

An additional reason to trust BERNINA serging accessories: for professional sewing results that stand up to critical scrutiny,  the seamless interplay of sewing machine and accessory is vital. Original BERNINA Special accessories for sergers are  optimized for use with BERNINA machines, and offer the same outstanding quality as the machines themselves.

Durability, perfect  functioning  and ease of use characterize our special accessories for sergers – qualities that really enhance easy, precise sewing with your BERNINA serger.