Connect your world

  • Made for BERNINA Embroidery Software 9
  • Transfer embroidery designs wirelessly
  • Send designs from multiple PCs
  • Send designs to multiple embroidery machines
Discover the BERNINA V9 WiFi-Device

Connect your world with the BERNINA WiFi-Device

Send your design to the machine

Send your design to the machine

  • A single click and that's it!
  • Thanks to the new WiFi connector
  • Wireless transfer of designs

The BERNINA WiFi connector is developed to wirelessly transfer your embroidery designs. This seamless process enables you to do all your creating on the computer and then send it to your embroidery machine for stitching. Whenever your embroidery design is ready for stitching out, you just start the process with a click.

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Send designs to multiple machines

Send designs to multiple machines

  • By purchasing more WiFi-Devices
  • Or send designs from multiple PCs
  • The WiFi-Device makes it all convenient

The BERNINA Connector software is installed together with your BERNINA Embroidery Software 9 which is purchased separately. You can also send designs from multiple PCs via one main PC running the BERNINA WiFi Connector. You have several embroidery machines? No problem, because additional WiFi devices can be purchased.

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Minimum requirements

Minimum requirements

For best performance of the WiFi-Device please verify that your BERNINA embroidery machine has the latest firmware installed.


The following information lists the compatibility and support of BERNINA and bernette software products, which run with the WiFi-Device. 

BERNINA Artista: 200*, 730, 630, 640 (*Only 64MB versions that recognize a USB stick)
BERNINA 5 Series: B 500, B 535, B 540, B 555, B 560, B 570 QE (before and after 2017), B 580, B 590 
BERNINA 7 Series: B 700, B 720, B 735, B 750 QE, B 770 QE, B 770 QE PLUS, B 780, B 790, B 790 PLUS
BERNINA 8 Series: B 830, B 880, B 880 PLUS
bernette: bernette 70, bernette 79, bernette Deco 340 Plus

Note: For best performance verify that your BERNINA embroidery machine has the latest firmware installed.

Other brands: Most other USB enabled embroidery machines are also compatible with the WiFi-Device. It may be necessary to enable one of the machine compatibility options available under Advanced Settings to ensure compatibility.


Help and Support page V9

Learn more about the software and its possibilities by browsing through the help and support page with its variety of content:

  • Download manuals & useful documents
  • Watch many tutorial videos
  • Read about the different functions
  • Search and filter for key words
  • And much more
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