Picture: OESD


More than just sewing

What would the world of textiles be without embroidery design? Most likely, a little less unique. To use your creativity and embroider like a pro, you need premium accessories and beautiful designs with exquisite details. EmbroideryOnline.com is your first stop for embroidery motifs and innovative embroidery accessories. At EmbroideryOnline.com you can choose from more than 40,000 professionally digitized, downloadable and licensed designs. In addition, OESD offers premium embroidery design collections on CD and USB flash drive, as well as supplies that make the embroiderer successful: thread, stabilizers, needles, and other embroidery accessories.

OESD has 25 years of experience in embroidery design, and its artists, designers and digitizers are the most talented in the industry. Alongside innovation, quality is the highest priority. Before a product is accepted into the OESD portfolio it must undergo stringent quality testing. OESD's goal to constantly create new, innovative, and high quality products are a good match for the principles of the parent company, the BERNINA Textile Group.