Inspiration 65


Free downloads for the sewing instructions featured in Inspiration 65

With the sewing projects in the latest issue of Inspiration magazine, you are well equipped for the summer. This issue contains numerous fashion patterns that are really brought to life by details like embroidery or free-motion designed areas. Home sewing is fun. You can find all the patterns, e.g. the jacket, trousers, blouse, dress, bag and home decorations, in the current issue of the magazine.

We provide free downloads for some of the sewing projects in Inspiration, which you can use to decorate or customise your projects. All the designs can be created easily on BERNINA sewing machines with the embroidery function. For some of the downloads, you will need BERNINA DesignWorks and its tools. To download, click on the relevant entry in the list on the right.


6522 Border

Use this border to embellish the tunic or other garments in no time. You can find the pattern and sewing instructions for the tunic in Inspiration 65.
Embroidery file, MegaHoop


6530 Tepee

With BERNINA DesignWorks and the PaintWork tool, you can paint a tepee with authentic designs.
PaintWork files, OvalHoop/ MegaHoop/ JumboHoop


6532 Headdress

The matching children's headdress and cuddly animal are perfect for playing in the tent. This involves embroidery and fully automatic cutting.
Embroidery and CutWork files, OvalHoop/ MediumHoop


6536 - 37 Mosaic tile pattern

Tile patterns are currently on trend. You can use them to embellish blankets, cushions or wall hangings. There are some beautiful examples in the current issue of Inspiration. With the BERNINA embroidery software, you too can create your own stunning mosaics.
Embroidery and CutWork files, MegaHoop/ JumboHoop


6545 - 47 Images

Coral, shells and fish are reminiscent of the sound of the sea. Find out how to create these beautiful pictures in Inspiration 65. Good luck!
Embroidery files, OvalHoop/ MegaHoop/ JumboHoop


6549 Fish scales

How long does it take to cut out 150 circles by hand? You can do it in one go in just a few minutes using this CutWork file! Simply place several layers of fabric on top of each other in the embroidery hoop.
CutWork files, OvalHoop


6552 CutWork leaf

You can cut out the leaves by hand, or a much easier option is to let your BERNINA cut them out.
CutWork file