Free downloads for the sewing instructions featured in Inspiration 67


Enjoy the new sewing projects in the current issue of Inspiration and look forward to the coming spring!  In this issue, you will find clothes as well as bags, an Easter decoration, and colourful ideas for children's rooms and for your home.
We provide free downloads for some of the sewing projects in Inspiration, which you can use to decorate or customise your projects. All the designs can be created easily on BERNINA sewing machines with the embroidery function. For some of the downloads, you will need BERNINA DesignWorks and its tools.
To download, click on the relevant entry in the list on the right.

Ethno-Muster Shorts

6715 Bra decoration

A practical idea for embellishing a bra that doesn't go with a garment with a low-cut back. The sewing instructions are available in Inspiration 67.

Embroidery file, Oval hoop


6719 Fringes

Now you can make fringes yourself, even two-colour ones, as the fabrics are first sewn together automatically and then cut with the BERNINA CutWork-Tool.

CutWork file, Oval Hoop


6721-6722 Folkloric pattern 

Border patterns are perfect for blouses or other decorative work - ideally in the
Mega- or Jumbo Hoop.

Embroidery files, Mega- / Jumbo Hoop


6731-6732 Circus

These files can be used to embroider fun appliqués or create finger puppets using the CutWork Tool.

Embroidery- and CutWork files, Oval, Medium and Mega Hoop


6735-6737 Easter

Our Easter decoration consists of homemade feathers and Easter eggs. The relevant instructions are available in the magazine.

Download all the files for embroidery here. The folder includes PaintWork, CutWork and files for the oval hoop.


6742 Light chain 

Your embroidery machine can paint the flowers and heart patterns all on its own, using the PaintWork-Tool.



6745-6748 Cacti
The large cacti have to be reinforced with wire to give them stability.BERNINA borduursoftware, Version 7 and above, has the StumpWork function for this. The small cacti do not need wire. The flowers can be created using the CutWork-Tool.

Embroidery and CutWork files, Jumbo and Oval Hoop


6750-6751 Jeans flowers

Large flower designs are always a feast for the eyes!

Embroidery files, Jumbo and Oval Hoop


6760 Emoticons

The decoration on the round bag in Inspiration 67 can be changed each day to suit your taste and mood, using this CutWork file.

CutWork file, Mega Hoop