Canvas Clutch with Embellishments

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  • 2x fabric, i.e. canvas, 33 cm x 40 cm
  • 2x fabric, i.e. canvas, 3 cm x 4 cm

Other materials:

  • 1 zipper, 40 cm
  • Decorations for embellishment as needed

Picture: Canvas Clutch with Embellishments


  • Decorate one or both large canvas pieces with sequins, pompoms..

Picture: Canvas Clutch with Embellishments

..appliqués, or decorative stitches.

  • Fold both small canvas pieces to 3 x 2 cm (left side of the fabric inside).
  • Place one piece at a time around the zip fastener ends, the material split points in the direction of the zipper teeth. Pin. 
  • Stitch with a narrow edge
  • Place the zipper right side to right side on a piece of canvas (33 cm x 40 cm) and pin it in place.
  • Set the needle stop down. Sew in halfway with the zipper foot, stop, lift the presser foot, close the zipper, lower the presser foot and sew in the zipper to the end.
  • Sew the other zipper side onto the second canvas part in the same manner
  • Lay the canvass pieces on top of one another - right side to right side - and close the side seams and the lower seam starting at the zipper.
  • (Zipper must be open for subsequent turning!)
  • Turn clutch