Perfectly Packaged – Tula Hardware Holder

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Picture: Tula Hardware Holder

Equipment and machine preparation


  • Mettler Bobbinfil  - White ½ a bobbin full and insert in the machine
  • 3606-1805    Mettler Polysheen (red)
  • 3606-2520    Mettler Polysheen (pink)
  • 3606-5912    Mettler Polysheen (green)
  • 9161-0778    Mettler Metrosene (cream) wind a ¼ bobbin


  • Tula Pink Cotton Candy Imaginarium 11” x 12 “
  • Tula Pink Cotton Candy Fairy Dust 11” x 12” Other combinations will also work very well.
  • Heavy weight Tear away (Oesd) 1x 12” x 21
  • Cotton Batting - Warm and Natural (Brewer) 1 x 10” x 12”

Other supplies

  • 1 x 130 05 H J 90 Needle (Brewer) inserted in the machine
  • 1 x ½ inch Swivel Clip (Brewer)
  • Wonderclips (Brewer-CL3185)
  • Bamboo Turner (Brewer-W3150)

Tula Hardware

  • Snips (Brewer - TP738CPT)
  • Duckbill (Brewer - TP712SER)
  • 6” Scissor (Brewer - TP716T)
  • Small Ruler
  • Vanishing Fabric marker (Brewer)  
  • Pins
Toolbox Software was used to prepare “In the Hoop” embroidery design for the project
BERNINA Embroidery Software V8 was used to digitize the pattern for the Holder.

Picture: Tula Hardware Holder

The design

The “In the hoop” Scissor Holder pattern has been designed for the Maxi Hoop. Is a combination of 2 new Tula designs 80291-33, 80291-34 from the Tula Pink Designs/The Imaginary Menagerie II “Fabric only” Text has been created with the Anniversary Font from the machine.

Picture: Tula Hardware Holder


  1. Select sewing mode
  2. Engage BERNINA Dual Feed
  3. Cut a 2” square from the top left corner of the fairy dust

  1. Take the 2” square and fold in ¼” on each side, and fold together.  Finger press.
  2. Thread machine with metrosene – bobbinfil is in the bobbin (To save time and effort)
  3. Select straight stitch and needle position -3 and edge stitch both sides of the strip securing at the start and end. Do not forget to use the thread cutter and the knee lifter.
  4. Fold longways in half, insert the clip and move the needle position to -5. 8. With the clip butted next to the foot, secure in place – securing start and end and use the thread cutter.
  5. Raise the foot, disengage dual feed and remove the foot. Attach foot #26, confirm in presser foot indicator and the straight stitch plate. Drop the feed dog.
  6. Set-up screen – inches in embroidery.
  7. Go to embroidery mode and select the design Maxi.

  1. Hoop the stabilizer and attach the hoop.
  2. Thread the machine with the red thread.
  3. It will first stitch the placement line for the fabric.

Picture: Tula Hardware Holder

  1. Position the Fairy Dust fabric in place and stitch the second layer of red to secure in place (use your hands to gently smooth the fabric so there are no bumps)
  2. The next thread layer is the text and the center of the flower

Picture: Tula Hardware Holder

  1. Change the thread to pink then green to complete the flower.
  2. Trim any access threads away as you go.
  3. Pin the clip piece 1 ¾” in from the bottom left corner with the stitching lines matching.
  4. Place the imaginarium piece, right sides together and then the batting in place –    check that it covers the stitching line.

Picture: Tula Hardware Holder

  1. Stitch the last layer – Tip: reduce the sewing speed – before the clip area.
  2. Remove the hoop from the machine and use the duckbill scissors to trim back the batting right around the whole piece even the gap.

Picture: Tula Hardware Holder

  1. Take the project out of the hoop and gently remove the stabilizer
  2. Trim all the seams back to a scant ¼” and all the corners close to the point. Notch into the inside corners.
  3. Turn through the project using the point turner to get nice points. Press and ensure the open part of seam is pressed nicely flat.

Picture: Tula Hardware Holder

To assemble the holder

  1. Return to sewing mode and straight stitch. Raise the feed dog.
  2. Attach the 9mm stitch plate, and foot #10D and engage the dual feed.
  3. Thread the machine with cream Metrosene top and bottom.
  4. Go to setup and turn off the securing function (we will use Quick reverse)
  5. Select straight stitch, move the needle position -4.
  6. Stitch length 4 – close the open seam (this stitching can be later removed).
  7. Fold the project in half and us the clips to secure.
  8. Draw a line 3 ½” in and ¾” at the bottom.
  9. Fold onto final position and use clips to secure.
  10. SL 2.5, Needle position -3 starting about 1 inch from the bottom.
  11. Secure with quick reverse.
  12. Stitch up to the first fold, use quick reverse to secure well.
  13. Stitch on to the second fold, secure well with quick reverse.
  14. Remove basting stitches. 
Fill with your favorite Tula hardware :-)