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Do you like to sew and embroider? Or are you looking for a BERNINA that focuses solely on embroidery? Here you will find the right BERNINA sewing and embroidery machine to meet your needs.

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If embroidery is one of the many tools in your sewing skillset, we’ve got the machine for you. If embroidery is your one true love, we’ve got the perfect machine for you too.

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Questions & Answers about BERNINA Embroidery Machines

How would you like to personalize clothing with custom details? Do you want to embellish a blouse, add a monogram to a shirt or decorate a children's sweatshirt with a cute animal print? Or what about jazzing up your new denim jacket with a cool, colorful flower motif on the back? If this makes your eyes light up, then you are someone who loves the personal touch and has plenty of imagination – and you are ready for a BERNINA embroidery machine! You can embellish bought or homemade clothes, as well as pillows, towels, napkins and accessories with your own unique embroidery. You'll love it!

An embroidery machine can primarily do one thing – embroider! There are two different types of machines: dedicated embroidery machines with no additional functions, and combined sewing and embroidery machines. Each has their own reason for existing and advantages. The embroidery only machine specializes in embroidery, while the combined sewing and embroidery machine has two functions in one machine, which is naturally also appealing and beneficial.

Both machines require an embroidery module for embroidery, because this holds the hoop with the fabric. The module mounting moves the embroidery hoop back and forth under the needle, controlling the embroidery process and the motif. Anyone who already owns a sewing machine and has recently become interested in embroidery should be aware that the embroidery functionality has to be pre-installed in the machine at the factory and cannot be retrofitted or upgraded. Only those who own a sewing machine with the embroidery function included, but without the embroidery module, can simply buy the module later and start embroidering at any time. Therefore, when buying a sewing machine, it is worth considering all the possible desired uses, because with a combined model, the door to the world of embroidery is always open. However, if you prefer to concentrate solely on embroidery or already have a sewing machine without embroidery function, it is recommended to get an embroidery only machine.

Embroidery machines work much like a computer attached to a printer, only that the embroidery machine is both the computer and the printer. First, you have the opportunity to choose a pattern directly on the machine, because each embroidery machine has a certain number of embroidery designs pre-installed. Alternatively, you can save your own embroidery design onto a USB stick, which you can then plug into the machine to load the design onto the machine. The embroidery pattern then appears on the screen and you select an embroidery hoop depending on the size of the desired embroidery and the type of machine. A preview of the embroidery design in the hoop appears on the screen, allowing you to make any necessary adjustments.

For example, it is possible to change the size or position, and you can also rotate, flip or combine it with other designs or alphapets, all via the machine's touch screen. The Undo/Redo function allows you to backtrack on individual steps while you are editing your design. And the Group/Ungroup function allows you to combine several designs before editing them. If there are any color changes, the color number of the matching embroidery thread is also visible, so you can embroider the design 1:1 in the same color combination as you see on the screen (all the features described here are dependent on the machine model).

Once the design is the way you want it, insert the fabric and stabilizer into the hoop and mount it on the embroidery module so that the hoop is under the needle of the machine. Press the button to start the embroidery process and the machine will embroider the design step-by-step. When embroidering multicolor designs, the embroidery machine stops automatically after each color to allow the thread to be changed and the next color to be threaded. The desired pattern is gradually created, stitch-by-stitch, right in front of your eyes, similar to color printing but more beautiful.

Free-arm embroidery is another advantage of BERNINA embroidery machines. This allows you to hoop closed pieces such as trouser legs, cuffs or even small items such as children's t-shirts and mount the hoop onto the module under the needle so you don't have to open up the seam before embroidering. This also saves time because there is no need to sew the piece together again after embroidering.

Embroidery machines also include software that can read various embroidery design formats. BERNINA embroidery machines can read designs in EXP, DST, PES, PEC, JEF, SEW, PCS and XXX format. This means that if you want to buy an embroidery design online, it must be available in one of these formats.

Embroidery machines also offer other great features. These include, for example, Invisible & Smart Secure. Invisible Secure ensures excellent, tidy embroidery results, because there are no loose thread ends in the pattern. Smart Secure automatically adds securing stitches to an embroidery pattern if they are not already preprogrammed into the design. Automatic jump stitch cutting is another much-loved feature on embroidery machines that offers considerable advantages. With this function, the time-consuming manual cutting of jump stitches – stitches created when the hoop "jumps" from one corner of the pattern to the next, resulting in a connecting stitch – is a thing of the past. The result is neatly finished, attractive embroidery.

Thread Away is a very useful feature for embroidery because after the thread has been cut automatically, it pulls the thread through to the back by means of a swift movement of the hoop. This creates a beautiful surface with no visible thread ends. The Thread-up function lowers and raises the needle when you start embroidering, bringing the thread end onto the surface of the fabric, where it is then secured into the pattern. This keeps the back clean and free of thread.

And last but not least is Pinpoint Placement. This feature makes it easy to accurately position and align embroidery designs on the fabric. Two points are simply selected on the screen and are matched up with the markings on the hooped fabric. The design is automatically correctly aligned, rotated, resized and positioned as required. But, of course, not all the functions listed here are available on every BERNINA embroidery machine model. Please ask your dealer for more information or check out our website for individual machine models and their features.

Embroidery on an embroidery machine is suitable for anyone who enjoys being creative with textiles and embroidery designs. Operating the machine and using the screen are just a matter of practice, similar to using a smartphone – once you understand the logic, it is very easy. However, it is definitely worthwhile familiarizing yourself with the machine and its possibilities before you start embroidering. As well as how to operate the machine, you also need to learn how to insert the fabric into the hoop and you should find out about the different types of stabilizers – there is a suitable stabilizer for each type of fabric, some of which can even be washed out after embroidering so that no stabilizer is left on the back of the embroidery. As with any new hobby, you will also need a little patience, but luckily BERNINA embroidery machines make it easy because they include many features that make embroidery simple. You'll be achieving great embroidery results in no time.

The embroidery itself takes place exclusively on the embroidery machine. However, if you want to edit your design extensively before embroidering it, i.e. beyond just the size, which is possible to do directly on the machine, you should get embroidery software. This is installed on your computer and works much like a conventional graphics program. Depending on the software, this will then give you an incredible array of options for editing your design before it is loaded onto the machine via a USB stick and finally embroidered. For example, you can create different lettering layouts or curved writing, compose your own brand new design from lots of small designs, or even digitize your own patterns, drawings, photos, decorations or anything else you want. Everything is possible!

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