BERNINA 7 Year Warranty

BERNINA 7 Year Warranty

Exclusive to Bernina UK

  • 7 year warranty
  • Parts and labour included
  • See below for terms and conditions

Exclusive 7 Year Warranty

BERNINA machines are designed to give you many years of happy and productive sewing. So for your complete peace of mind we are now offering a full 7 Years parts and labour warranty* on new BERNINA sewing machines purchased from an authorised BERNINA UK stockist.

All we require is that the machines are used and looked after according to the maintenance section of your manual and they are serviced by an authorised BERNINA service engineer either when your machine indicates that a service is required or every 3 years, whichever is sooner.

To receive the extended warranty you must return the completed Warranty registration card that comes with your machine, signed by your stockist. We will send a Certificate of Extended Warranty which specifies the conditions and includes a service record to be completed by the authorised service engineer.

Current models included:

  • 880 PLUS / 880 PLUS Crystal Edition
  • 790 PLUS / 790 PLUS Crystal Edition
  • 770 QE PLUS
  • 770 QE
  • 740
  • 720
  • 700
  • 590 / 590 Crystal Edition
  • 570 QE (2017 and later)
  • 540
  • 500
  • 480
  • 475 QE
  • 435
  • 335
  • 325

* Full terms and conditions are provided on receipt of the Warranty registration card. See right hand panels for exclusions and details of where warranty work can be undertaken.