Picture: FinYou


Point of sale loan application solution

Picture: FinYou

FinYou is a point of sale loan application solution.

It does not matter where you are or when and how you trade or make your purchases, we are there at the touch of a button.

How to apply in 7 easy steps:

  • Step 1.Select your products or services of interest apply, for your finance.
  • Step 2.Your application will be processed by a registered credit provider.
  • Step 3.You will be notified regarding your application status via an SMS.
  • Step 4.The payment is allocated and processed by an approved payment bureau.
  • Step 5.Your suppliers are notified regarding the status and generate compulsory invoices to FinYou.
  • Step 6.FinYou settles the supplier accounts on your behalf guaranteeing.
  • Step 7.Collect and enjoy your purchase!
For the initial credit approval feedback you will receive a notification within 3 business hours. The duration of the final approval is subject to you providing us with all the correct supported documentation. After receiving all the requested supported documents, it takes approximately 48 business hours. The process is also subject to the total loan amount that you are financing, lower product value items could be completed the same day, subject to the financial provider facilitating the loan.