Julian Collins

«The technology of the L 860 makes you feel like there’s a teacher inside the machine.»

Julian is inspired by bright colors and bold prints, which allow him to express himself and serve as an armor for him while in public. Even if his day job requires him to wear traditional outfits, he will always find a way to add a pop of color in his self-made clothes, whether it’s a hem finishing or a pocket finish. Sewing is a form of self-care for Julian. When he is behind a sewing machine, he enters a meditative state. Simply put, sewing brings him peace.

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More about Julian

Growing up, Julian was constantly surrounded by creativity. His first memory of sewing was seeing his grandmothers make beautiful creations with their sewing machines. Watching them create garments out of nothing always brought him joy as a child. As he grew older, his fascination with sewing grew stronger. He started watching YouTube tutorials and reading books to teach himself new techniques.

When he is not creating, Julian is supporting other makers. Julian started the Sew “Manly” Facebook Group because he noticed a lack of people talking about menswear and men who sew. It is open to everyone who enjoys sewing or learning about masculine presenting clothing. The group has a wide range of members including beginner sewists and master tailors who offer up inspiration and tips to members.

In June 2020, Julian became a member of Black Makers Matter, a coalition of black sewists and makers who are creating influential change in the sewing and crafting industry. The group has been busy with shining a light on black makers and initiating conversations with companies about how black makers are represented in the industry.