i-Tips Inspiration 57


Picture: i-Tips Inspiration 57 - 5752

Modell 5712

i-Tips – Creating the embroidery file for 5752 Mobile-phone case

Open Scherenschnitt (‘Silhouette’) file with the software and rotate design.

With the ‘Reshape’ tool, delete all points to the right and left of the cow. Confirm with ‘Enter‘.

Reduce cow to about 4.6 x 3.6 cm in size.

Digitise a heart with a French knot outline (size 6mm, spacing 6mm) and place behind cow.

The entire design should be approx. 1.5cm smaller than the cover is wide. Copy heart and encircle with a coarse satin stitch (spacing 0.8mm, stitch width 1.8mm).

Select object and click on ‘Advanced appliqué’ tool. Click on ‘Add colour’ and place a colour in the heart. Click on ‘Back’. If need be, alter embroidery properties such as length or width of the placement line, cutting or basting line; alternatively, delete. Click on ‘Back’ and ‘Close’. Move appliqué to the beginning of the embroidery.

Experienced software users should create the French-knot heart again in two half-hearts – a top half that extends up to the grass, and the bottom point. This way, there are no thick spots under the grass.

Digitise a rectangle in the size of the front – single straightstitch, length 9mm. If you make the rectangle about 1mm larger all around, you’ll be able to cut out the front later within this line.

Group appliqué and arrange in rectangle. Use the ‘Align centres’ button in the status bar to do this.