i-Tips Inspiration 58


Picture: i-Tips Inspiration 58 - 5814

5814 Boot tops

CrystalWork and PaintWork

5814-2 Boot tops with bicycle

Height 12 cm


0.2 m glazed fabric

0.2 m brown felt, 4 mm

Remnant of orange faux leather

4 closures

PaintWork file from

www.berninadesignstudio.com, Sampler 3, ‘12455-08’

BERNINA 580, 7 Series or 830

BERNINA overlocker

BERNINA DesignWorks/PaintWork

Walking foot or Dual feed (BERNINA 7 or 8 Series)

Cutting out for 41cm boot-top circumference:

2 x glazed fabric 13 x 43 cm plus seam allowance. 2 x felt 12 x 42 cm, without seam allowance.


When cutting out fabric, place seam allowances to the back and pin thus onto the felt. Stitch on all around with Extra-Strong thread.

Paint bicycle onto the faux leather with a fine-tip permanent marker. Cut out faux leather to 13 x 8.5 cm.

Decoratively sew cycle onto the boot top and attach closures.



5814-3 Boot tops with crown

Height approx. 10 cm


0.1 m black faux leather

0.2 m dark-grey felt, 4mm thick

0.8 m fur trim, sequin tape and rickrack

2 m pink cotton cord

Mettler Silk-Finish Multi thread

20 eyelets, 5.5 mm

4 hollow rivets, 4 - 6 mm

DesignWork / CrystalWork file from www.berninadesignstudio.com , Sampler 2, ‘12488-12_CR’

BERNINA 580, 7 Series or 830

BERNINA DesignWorks/CrystalWork

Open-toe embroidery foot no. 20

Cutting out for 41cm boot-top circumference:

2 x faux leather 10 x 40 cm. 2 x each felt and faux leather, 13 x 13 cm


Create crystal template with the embroidery module. Iron crystals onto centre of felt square. Let cool thoroughly. Place felt- and faux-leather squares together with wrong sides facing and stitch together with the variegated thread and the triple straightstitch.

Stitch fur trim to wrong side of top edge of leather cut-out. Attach open-toe embroidery foot and sew on the sequin tape with the universal stitch, adjusting stitch length and width if necessary. Sew on rickrack along bottom edge. Hammer in 5 eyelets on each short edge and thread through cord, beginning at the top. Knot off ends of cord. Place square at a slight diagonal on one boot top and fix in place at two corners with hollow rivets.