Personalized Coasters

Difficulty level Intermediate
Time to Complete Weekend


Leather Coasters

You will need:

  • Imitation Leather
  • Felt matching the leather for backing
  • StabilStick Tear-away Stabilizer
  • Isacord Embroidery Thread
  • Microtex #80 machine needle
  • Pinking Scissor for pinking edges
  • Embroidery designs. Use the downloadable designs provided or 
  • BERNINA Embroidery Software V8 to design your own
  • Embroidery machine
  • BERNINA Maxi Hoop. Save time by doing more than one per hooping.

Design your own coaster with V8

Picture: Personilized Coasters

  • Select the correct hoop for the specific machine model. In this case the BERNINA Maxi hoop for B700 is used.

Draw circles

Picture: Leather Coaster

  • Select Ellipse Tool and Single Outline Stitch to draw a circle.
  • Resize the Circle to roughly 10cm

Picture: Leather Coaster

  • Move the circle (depending on your hoop size) to the top of your Hoop. The BERNINA Maxi Hoop can fit 3 circles in comfortably.
  • With your circle still selected, select the Mirror Merge Toolbox and choose Mirror- Merge Vertical. By moving your mouse up or down you can choose how  far apart the circles will be. Allow space between the circles of 1 – 1,5 cm
  • Repeat to place the third circle. Feel free to move the circles around the hoop individually so that they fit within the stitch field (inside the red line).
  • Once all circles are spaced in the hoop, select all the circles by pressing CTRL A (Select all)
  • Right click on circles and select GROUP.
  • Right click on circles again and select DUPLICATE.
  • The duplicated layer will be selected. Since both the original and duplicated circles are the same colour, you will only see one layer in the color film. Choose a different colour to make the duplicated layer visible in the color film.

Change outline of Circles

Picture: Personilized Coasters

Two layers is now visible in the colour film on the right side.

  • Select the top layer (colour 1) in the colour film docker, and then right click pattern on the outline toolbar. When the object properties window pops up, click on select.
  • Click on drop down arrow by the pattern set. For this exersize, Bernina v5 was selected.
  • Stitch NP005-17 was selected. View the stitch in outline view or true view by activating it on the top right hand corner of the block.
  • Click OK. To see what it looks like, move object properties box to the side and click apply, this will give allow to see the design and change it before commiting.

Add Message and designs to the coaster

Picture: Personilized Coasters

Select Digitise toolbox and right click on Lettering.

  • Choose the font and type the message.
  • Drag the lettering to the correct position, change the size and fonts until the required result is achieved.
  • Note: Try different font combinations. Keep in mind that when using imitation leather the correct stabilizing must be used for different fonts. Always TEST STITCH.

Picture: Personilized Coasters

  • Once happy with how it looks, add some embroidery designs for interest. It is important to keep in mind to select designs that is not too dense when using imitation leather

Sequencing the Design

Picture: Personilized Coasters

Before saving the designs for stitching, it is important to make sure that placement circles are sewn first, and the decorative circles sewn last.

  • In colour film, select the outline circles and click on the MOVE TO START icon at the top and pattern circles MOVE TO END icon.

Save the design

Picture: Personilized Coasters

  • Save As so that it can be edited at a later stage if need be.

Picture: Personilized Coasters

  • Then, save to your USB in your computer.

Embroider the coasters

Picture: Personilized Coasters

Use the designs provided or use own designed coasters

  • Hoop StabilStick Tear-away in the Embroidery Hoop. If standard Tear-away is used, hoop it and spray a little Temporary Spray Glue on the fabric before placing it in position onto the Tear Away.
  • Stitch the first step - placement circles on the tear away. These placement circles help to know where to place fabric if scrap pieces of fabric is used.

Picture: Personilized Coasters

  • Place the fabric in position and press firmly down onto the stabilizer. Use the Basting Frame function on the machines to sew a frame around the design to secure the fabric to the stabilizer

  • Complete the embroidery up to the last step which is the pattern outline.
  • Remove the hoop from the machine, but DO NOT remove the embroidery from the hoop. Turn the hoop over and spray temporary glue on the backing fabric and stick to the stabilizer. Make sure it sticks very well and return the hoop to the machine making sure the backing is not folded.
  • Change the bobbin thread to match the top thread for the last step.

Picture: Personilized Coasters

  • Stitch the last step which is the decorative stitch. This will hold the coaster layers together and will be the only visible stitching on the back of the coaster.