Ready for the beach

Difficulty level Beginner
Time to Complete Evening



Learn how to place your design perfectly and create a fully new design when using the Group / Ungroup function.

You will need:

  • Any microfiber towel
Embroidery accessories
  • Embroidery thread in red, black, white
  • Water soluble stabilizer
  • OESD embroidery design WO763
  • Bobbinthread

BERNINA machines & accessories

Picture: Boho Bag

Setup the machine

  • Prepare the machine for embroidery (incl. Straight stitch plate)
  • Program in Setup length for thread cut of connecting stitches to 1 mm
  • Draw a line 13 cm (5.1”) underneath the upper edge in the left part of the towel
  • Mark a point on this line 13 cm (5.1”) from the left edge

  • Hoop the towel with wash away stabilizer (use adhesive spray) in the Midi Hoop
  • Ensure that the fabric is hooped tightly, press the inner frame 1mm downwards
  • You do not need to hoop it straight, but ensure, that the marking is approximately in the middle of the hoop
  • Do not attach the hoop yet
  • Select icon USB Stick and design WO763

Picture: Boho Bag

Prepare the design with Group/ Ungroup

  • Select “i” and go to “Group” (NEW)
  • Select “Ungroup”
  • The design is ungrouped
  • Select the first two layers and delete them by swiping
  • TIP: Use “Undo” if you make a mistake

  • Keep only the layer with the frame and the underwater scene
  • Select “Group” and “Ungroup” again
  • Delete the dolphin and the small fishes (layer 2 and 3)
  • Fill the sachets with chocolates, cookies or other gifts, close them with a nice paper or clothespin and give them to someone special.   
  • Select “Add Motif”, go to the machine icon and select “Alphabets”

  • Select alphabet 7 «Curly», type in two initials and confirm
  • Reduce the size of the Monogram to 80 %
  • Select “Ungroup”
  • Positioning of the single characters is possible
  • Shift the characters so that it looks nice and fits in the frame
  • Use the “Zoom function” for a better overview

Picture: Boho Bag

  • Select the first layer of the characters (= layer 2)
  • Group the two character layers
  • Lower layer combines with upper layer when “Group” is selected
  • Go back to “i” with breadcrumbs
  • Select “All layers”

Pinpoint Placement

  • Select “Pinpoint Placement” in “i”
  • Follow the animation, select “Pinpoint Placement” a second time and attach the hoop
  • Select “Grid”
  • TIP: Points selected or changes made can be deleted with "Reset Pinpoint Placement”
  • Select the central point in the grid

  • Position the needle on the fabric at the marked point using the Multifunctional knobs
  • Lower the needle with the handwheel to check positioning (raise needle to its highest position)
  • Confirm with “Set” (Point changes its color)

Picture: Boho Bag

  • Select left point on center line and proceed as before (do not forget to confirm with Set)
  • Only use the lower Multifunctional knob to align the design along the marked line in the fabric


  • Press the needle icon
  • Scroll down to “Color Resequence” in order to stitch out identical colors in one step
  • Start the embroidery
  • Maybe adjust the thread tension
  • Change the color for the Monogram to white
  • At the end confirm with the flag
  • Remove the hoop and unhoop the fabric
  • Remove the wash away stabilizer


We wish you a lot of fun with embroidering and hope you will have numerous nice beach days !