Inspiration 63


Free downloads for the sewing instructions featured in Inspiration 63

The sewing projects in the current issue of Inspiration magazine are all about autumn and winter. Poncho and cape coats with a simple or no pattern can be sewn in no time. You can find the pattern for them in the latest issue of the magazine. It also contains patterns for your evening wardrobe as well as lounge pants and a sweat jacket. Would you prefer to sew something for your home, some small accessories or Christmas decorations? You can also find these in Inspiration, including sewing instructions and lots of tips. We provide free downloads for some of the sewing projects in Inspiration, which you can use to decorate or customise your projects. All the motifs can be created easily on BERNINA sewing machines with the embroidery function. For some of the downloads, you will need BERNINA DesignWorks and its tools. To download, click on the relevant entry in the list on the right.

Picture: Inspiration 63

6311 Fringe bag

You don't have to cut the trendy fringes yourself - your BERNINA can do it for you! You can find the pattern and sewing instructions for the bag in Inspiration 63.

CutWork-File, MegaHoop

Picture: Inspiration 63

6312 - 6313 Norwegian pattern

Norwegian patterns do not necessarily have to be knitted! This one is simply embroidered onto a home-sewn sweater. You can find the pattern for the sweater and hat in Inspiration 63.

Embroidery file, MegaHoop/ JumboHoop

Picture: Inspiration 63

6327 - 6329 New Year's Eve accessories

Your BERNINA embroidery machine can cut out the mask, stick prop and hairband itself. Using a template also made by your BERNINA, it is easy to iron the rhinestones onto the mask.

CutWork- and CrystalWork-file

Picture: Inspiration 63

6330 - 6331 Children's quilt

From a Christmas tree with presents to a sleigh – here you will find all the nice little details you need to make this play quilt.
Embroidery file

Picture: Inspiration 63

6336 - 6337 Footprints

Several bird footprints can be cut out at once using this CutWork file. They make a cheerful addition when sewn onto a carpet or felted onto a cushion.


Picture: Inspiration 63

6340 - 6342 Deer and pine cones

Photo prints are in fashion, and the ones featured here can even be embroidered. Using BERNINA embroidery software, you can create any imaginable motif in the same way.

Embroidery file, JumboHoop

Picture: Inspiration 63

6346 - 6350 Gift vouchers

Embroidered cinema tickets, hot stones or high heels can be used as motifs to make attractive vouchers in an jiffy. The instructions for these and other voucher ideas can be found in Inspiration 63.

Embroidery files and DesignWorks, Crystall-file

Picture: Inspiration 63

6356 Baking book cover

Frosting and lettering provide the finishing touches to your cover. The new issue of Inspiration tells you how to sew a pretty muffin onto the cover.

Embroidery file

Picture: Inspiration 63

6461 Hairband

Not found the right hairclip? An imitation leather remnant with a few lines quickly stitched on and your home-made hair accessory is ready.

Embroidery file