Freestanding Lace Snowflake by
Sue O’Very

Lesson 10 demonstrates how to:
  • Switch between Artistic and Design View
  • Add guidelines
  • Create the base for freestanding lace
  • Embroider the design with your machine

Lacework: Create a Snowflake design with Sue O’Very

Freestanding lace is such a lovely technique and with V9 digitizing it has never been so easy. In today's lesson, I will show you how to use the built-in toolboxes to bring to life the loveliest FSL (Free Standing Lace) Snowflake ornament.

Let's have some fun!

Red highlighted words 
They mark a function which is shown in the picture with a red circle.
The circle is sometimes very small, so keep looking for it! 

Lacework Reference

Lacework Reference

In this exercise you will be digitizing a snowflake by editing an already existing design in the Design Library.

You can download Sue's finished file as a BERNINA Embroidery Software 9 art-file. The art-file can't be used on your embroidery machine. You need to export it on a USB-stick or via the WiFi-Device as a machine file in order to stitch it out. Check Lesson one if you need a reminder how to export a design to your machine.

Download Reference
From the beginning

From the beginning

Open BERNINA Embroidery Software 9 and switch to "Embroidery Canvas". Change the hoop size to the BERNINA Medium Hoop, 130x100. I demonstrated how to change the hoop size in lessons 1-4 if you need a reminder of the detailed process.

Import a Design from the Library

Import a Design from the Library

Select Insert Embroidery Designs. Navigate to locate the design:
C:\Users> Public> Public Embroidery> BERNINA 9 Embroidery> Celebrations & Seasons.

Select Design HE538 and click Open.

Edit an existing design

Edit an existing design

Right click on the design and select Ungroup.  

Switch to Design View by deactivating Show Artistic View. The design will turn pink.

Deselect the design; then hold the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard and select all the bits and pieces of the purple and pink swirls and delete them to leave just the snowflake. Repeat the process as needed to delete any additional pieces.

Leave the center lighter color satin stitch circle, but select the last running stitch circle that is on top of the satin stitch circle and delete it.

Drag a bounding box around the design and right click and select Group.

Click on the selected snowflake to access the rotate handles (hollow squares) and rotate the design so that a point of the snowflake aligns with the vertical centerline of the hoop.

Add a Guideline

Add a Guideline

Click on the vertical ruler to add a guideline. Move the guideline by clicking on the yellow triangle within the ruler so that the guideline aligns with the points of the bottom purple section of the snowflake.

Create a mirrored outline

Create a mirrored outline

Select the Open Object tool and the Single Outline and digitize around the top spoke of the snowflake as shown in the illustration.

Begin with a left click on the guideline, midway between the purple spokes of the snowflakes. Left click at the top of the snowflake spoke, and then click at the opposite side on the guideline midway between the purple spokes. Press the key "Enter" to activate the object.

Press "Esc" on your keyboard to deactivate the Open Object tool.
Then select the Outline you just created.​

Select the wreath tool in the Mirror Merge Toolbox and select 6 spokes. Drag your mouse on screen.

Click when all the intersections connect; it is okay if they overlap slightly.

Select "Yes" to merge the objects.

The lacework base

The lacework base

Select the star and click on the Lacework fill in the Stitch Toolbar.

With the star selected, change the color to Color # 14.

Make sure Show Objects is deactivated in Color Film. With the star selected, select Copy and then Paste.

Activate Show Objects in Color Film and scroll to the bottom. There are now two gray lacework stars.

Select the second star in Color Film and select Object Properties. Click on Select in the dialog box.

Select Pattern L0005A.

Click "OK" in Object Properties to confirm.

While the edited star is selected, select Copy and Paste again. While it’s selected, choose the Stemstitch Outline in the outlines menu.

Press the keys "Ctrl + A" to select all objects. Access the rotate handles by clicking on the design and rotate the star so that an indent is in the center of the vertical centerline of the hoop.

Move the guideline so that it is just inside the star as shown in the diagram. Move the guideline by clicking and dragging on the yellow triangle of the guideline.

Make the hanger loop on top of the star: Open the Digitize Toolbox and select Open Object, Stemstitch Outline in the Outline Toolbar and select Color # 14. Make a half circle beginning with a LEFT click inside the star shape, right click on the hoop centerline, and finish with a left click on the other side of the star along the guideline.

Press "Enter" on your keyboard to set the shape. Press "Esc" to deactivate the tool. Select the loop; then select Copy and Paste. Change the copy to a satin outline in the Stitch Toolbar. 

With the satin stitch loop selected, choose Object Properties, Outline Tab; change the Satin width to .075” and press OK. 

Select both loops in Color Film while holding the "Ctrl" key and click on Move to Start in Color Film.

Deactivate Show Objects icon under Color Film. Select the star in Color Film and click Back 1 Color two times to place it between the loop and the purple star. 

Change the colors. Select the star in Color Film and change to Color # 15. Hold the "Alt" key to select the purple snowflake in Color Film and select Color # 22. Hold the "Alt" key and select the center circle in Color Film and change to Color # 21.

Open the Menu "File"
> Save as "FSL Snowflake ornament".
> Send the design to your machine by exporting to a USB stick with Card/Machine Write or via WiFi with Send to BERNINA WiFi Device.

Time to embroider the freestanding lace design

Hoop two layers of Wash Away stabilizer i.e. OESD Aqua Mesh. Wind matching bobbins for all three colors.

Sew each color with the same thread on top as in the bobbin.

Once finished stitching, cut ¼” around the outside of the snowflake and discard the stabilizer.

Gently wash away the stabilizer.
Your snowflake ornament is now finished!

End of Lesson Ten

End of Lesson Ten

Are you ready for the next lesson?
I will show you how to create a Couching design!

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