Picture: Pre-Owned Machines

Pre-Owned Machines

Pre-Owned BERNINA-Machines and Overlockers

Pre-Owned BERNINA Machines and Overlockers. A great  service to all our existing customers, which will hopefully make trading up to that BERNINA dream machine, a lot easier.

You can now SELL your old Bernina and bernette branded Sewing or Embroidery Machine or Overlocker from this web site at NO CHARGE.

BERNINA RSA is not party to any transaction that may take place as a result of any products advertised here. Due care must be exercised by the buyer and seller. The buyer and seller are solely responsible for the transaction. We accept no responsibility for payment, condition of goods, product training, warranty or any other facet of the transaction.

Interested? Then please e-mail us your full contact and address details, model of machine, the selling price, proof of purchase (eg. invoice) to enable interested parties to contact you direct. Your entry will be listed for a period of 3 months, after which it will automatically be removed from this site. In the event of your machine being sold during the 3 month period, then kindly advise us accordingly. You are welcome to apply for the re listing of your machine, following the initial 3 month period.

Forward all the relevant information to [email protected]

Don’t let go of your goods, until you are physically in possession of the CASH or have confirmed with your bank, that the funds are indeed reflecting in your account.
When dealing with cash, please be safe. Be careful when you get a Proof of Payment - fraudulent POP’s are at the order of the day and may look like the real thing!!
Be aware of scammers, they operate all over the Internet. BERNINA RSA's webpage has also become their "fishing pond" – be extremely vigilant !!!