Step 1: Install the latest firmware update

To activate the PLUS Upgrade, you must first update the firmware of your B 770 QE*. Ensure you can see the Machine ID and upgrade icon in the Setup. If yes, you can continue with the next step. If not, please install the firmware update with the help of our step-by-step video.

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Compatibiliy information
Please read the document "Compatibility Firmware B 770 QE EN" before you download a firmware update. This document will help you to choose the proper one.


Firmware update successfully installed?

Firmware update successfully installed?

If you have already installed the firmware update, you will see the "Upgrade" icon in Setup. Click on the button below to generate an Activation Key.


*) This upgrade is compatible with B 765, B 770 QE, B 770 QE Tula Pink Special Edition and B 770 QE Anniversary Edition.