Picture: BERNINA NEW 5 Series

This new 5 Series is made for you

Perfectly sized ✓ Feature packed ✓ Ready to Sew, Quilt and Embroider ✓ Quieter, Faster, Better thanks to the BERNINA Hook ✓

Picture: BERNINA 5 Series: NextGeneration

These features fulfill your creative dreams

Whether you decide buying a B 540, B 570 QE, B 590 or the embroidery-only machine B 500, these functions make the NEW BERNINA 5 Series just great:

  • Cut your thread by clicking one button. 
  • Enjoy more space for your creative freedom.
  • Maximum sewing and embroidery speed of 1,000 stitches per minute.
  • Simple navigation with the modern, color touch screen.
  • 70% more thread to sew longer without interruptions.
  • BERNINA Hook to sew perfect stitches, faster and quieter.

Experts are talking about us - And we couldn't be happier!

"You can go wild with your imagination."
Yaya Han appreciates the sophistication of the B 590. It lets her push artistic boundaries and fulfills her creative endeavors. With her many deadlines as a world famous Cosplayer, she loves the speed of 1,000 stitches per minute, the precision and the power of the machine, and the confidence to sew unconventional materials.
Yaya Han Cosplay Artist
"The B 570 QE makes me feel like a pro."
Suzy Williams knows quilting. That’s why she chooses the B 570 Quilter’s Edition (QE), made especially for quilters. Its quality Swiss engineering means great tension and perfect stitches every time. If quilts tell stories, then Suzy´s tell of how modern design met perfect stitches and lived happily ever after! And the matchmaker in this tale is none other than the B 570 QE. It´s made especially for quilters who want perfect stitches.
Suzy Williams aka Suzy Quilts Quilt Designer
"Sailing or sewing - it's all about speed and precision."
When Livia and Nelia are not training for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, they love to tap into their creativity through sewing and embroidering. Because training is hard work, they appreciate the ease-of-use of the B 540 but love the machine’s power and precision to sew on anything from fine fabrics to old sails.
Livia Naef & Nelia Puhze Swiss professional Sailors and Hobby Sewists