Carolyn’s Cup Cosy Project

Difficulty level Intermediate
Time to Complete Evening


Picture: Carolyn's Cup Cosy Project
Picture: Carolyn's Cup Cosy Project

Our talented sewing expert Carolyn shows us how to create a stylish and unique cup cosy using Pintuck & Decorative-stitch Foot #46C to add decorative features. A cup cosy is an excellent way of giving hot drink cups extra grip, insulation and keeping your hands protected - as well as being eco-friendly as it will be reused every time you grab a cup of coffee to go unlike the cardboard sleeves! An elastic fastening gives the flexibility for use with a variety of cup sizes and the addition of pin tucks, which may be corded or uncorded, adds an attractive grip feature. Decorative stitches on your Bernina sewing machine are a great way to personalise the cosy and impress your friends and family!

Why use Bernina Pintuck & Decorative-stitch Foot #46C?

The Pintuck & Decorative-stitch Foot is designed to add widely spaced parallel pin tucks, sewn with a twin needle, followed by decorative stitching in between the pin tucks.  This technique may be used in a variety of craft/home décor projects as in the Cup Cosy and also in dressmaking.

You will need:

  • Bernina sewing machine
  • Bernina Pintuck and decorative-stitch foot #46C
  • Bernina Reverse Pattern Foot #1C
  • 1 fat quarter of fabric
  • Wadding
  • Fabric stabiliser
  • Matching and contrasting threads
  • Braided nylon cord or similar
  • Button (a novelty button adds extra interest)
  • Elastic band/braid (a large variety of colours are available in hair accessories)
  • Sewing pins
  • Scissors
  • A twin needle
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Picture: Carolyn's Cup Cosy Project

Stage 1

Create a paper pattern for the cover. I used the one shown below; this was made by cutting open a cup from a coffee house, drawing around it and adding a half inch seam allowance. I have tried it on many sizes of cups and it seems to be a good fit.

Picture: Carolyn's Cup Cosy Project

Stage 2

Using the pattern cut out 2 pieces of fabric, 1 piece of wadding and 1 piece of stabiliser.

Picture: Carolyn's Cup Cosy Project

Stage 3

Place the wrong side of one piece of fabric on top of the stabiliser and sandwich a length of braided nylon cord between the two in the desired position for the pintuck.

Picture: Carolyn's Cup Cosy Project

Stage 4

Using presser foot #46C, a twin needle and straight stitch, sew a pin tuck by keeping the "ridge" of braided nylon cord underneath the centre of the presser foot, it should sit nicely under the centre groove. I used thread which matched the fabric however, you may choose to use contrasting threads to give added definition. Due to the shape of the fabric the pin tuck will be sewn in a gradual curve.

Picture: Carolyn's Cup Cosy Project

Stage 5

Continue to sew parallel pin tucks along the length of fabric by positioning the previous pin tuck under one of the grooves of the presser foot to achieve the desired spacing. I used the widest spacing.

Picture: Carolyn's Cup Cosy Project

Stage 6

The next step is to embellish the Cosy with decorative stitching; you may choose to embellish between each pin tuck, alternate ones or a selected few. Insert a single needle and place the piece of wadding underneath your fabric. I used contrasting threads and chose decorative stitches to personalise the cosy. I sewed the cosy on a Bernina 590 and used stitches 102, 104, 136, 168, 937, 2215 and 2216 in addition to lettering. If your machine has the triple stitch feature you will find that this gives greater definition to the stitching.

Picture: Carolyn's Cup Cosy Project

Picture: Carolyn's Cup Cosy Project

Picture: Carolyn's Cup Cosy Project

Stage 7

Attach a piece of elasticated braid to the centre of one of the side seams. Be sure that your stitch length is short enough so that the needle sews through the braid several times, you may need to reverse sew too. Cut off the excess braid.

Picture: Carolyn's Cup Cosy Project

Stage 8

Place the second piece of fabric right sides together onto the pin tucked and embellished piece, pin together and stitch with a half inch seam allowance. Leave an opening, for turning, in the side seam that does not have the elastic braid sewn.

Picture: Carolyn's Cup Cosy Project

Picture: Carolyn's Cup Cosy Project

Stage 9

Trim the corners and snip the seam allowance of the curved edges to facilitate smooth seams when turned.

Stage 10

Turn the Cosy inside out and ease the corners into shape.

Picture: Carolyn's Cup Cosy Project

Stage 11

Slip stitch or top stitch the opening used for turning and stitch on a button for fastening. Press well.

Stage 12

Wrap around your favourite hot drink cup and enjoy!

Picture: Carolyn's Cup Cosy Project

Picture: Carolyn's Cup Cosy Project

Picture: Carolyn's Cup Cosy Project

Impressed everyone at the café?

Too right! We adored putting a personal stamp on our take-away coffee while remaining stylish...and doing our bit to save the planet too!

Make sure to check our website regularly as we will be putting out a brand new project, designed exclusively by a Bernina UK team member or Bernina guest contributor, EVERY MONTH!