Creating a Quilting Block with Sue O’Very

Lesson nine demonstrates how to:
  • Import a Basic Shape
  • Digitize an Anchor
  • Add Trapunto Outlines
  • Use the Quilting Background Tool

Anchors Away Quilt Block: Creating a Trapunto Design with Sue O’Very

Hello my Sewing Bees, in today's lesson I'm going to show you just how to create a Quilt Block with the BERNINA Embroidery Software 9, and even how to stitch the Trapunto effect with your embroidery machine. When you use a darker thread for the Trapunto and lay a thin cotton such as Batiste over top, it takes on an entirely different look, similar to Shadow work. It’s such a cool technique.

Let's have some fun!

Red highlighted words 
They mark a function which is shown in the picture with a red circle.
The circle is sometimes very small, so keep looking for it! 

Anchor Reference

Anchor Reference

In this exercise, you will be digitizing an anchor with the help of the basic shapes.

You can download Sue's original design as a BERNINA Embroidery Software 9 art-file. The art-file can't be used on your embroidery machine. You need to export it on a USB-stick or via the WiFi-Device as a machine file in order to stitch it out. Check Lesson one if you need a reminder how to export a design to your machine.

Download Original
From the beginning

From the beginning

Open BERNINA Embroidery Software 9 and switch to "Embroidery Canvas". Change the hoop size to the BERNINA Large Oval Hoop, 255x145. I demonstrated how to change the hoop size in lessons 1-4 if you need a reminder of the detailed process.

Creating the Anchor

Creating the Anchor

Select the Auto-Digitize Toolbox. Choose Insert Artwork. Navigate to

C:\Users> Public> Public Pictures> BERNINA 9 Pictures> Artwork> 02_Basic shapes.  

Select the Anchor design, Shape 18 and click "Open".

Select the Magic Wand tool.
Select the Raised Satin Fill/Settings option on the Fill Types Toolbar. 

Click on the Anchor artwork on the design screen and press "OK" in the Prepare Bitmap menu.

Lay your cursor over the Anchor until it turns into a red cross hatched fill, then left click with your mouse.

The anchor is now a white Raised Satin Fill pattern which is ideal for Trapunto work. Press the key "Esc" on your keyboard to deactivate the Magic Wand tool.

Click on the white background of the artwork and press the key "Delete" leaving only the white anchor.

Double click on the anchor to open Object Properties. Change the Layers to 4.
Click "OK".

Select the Edit Toolbox.
Select Create Trapunto Outlines.
A dialog box opens. Leave the outline color at the default blue and for the Outline type, choose Triple. Click "OK".

The Quilting Background

The Quilting Background

In the Edit Toolbox, select Quilting Background. In the dialog box that opens, change:
- Width to 4.90. Proportional sizing is checked
- Quilting Type: Echo Clipped
- Design Margin 0.1”
- Block Margin to 0.1;
- Line Spacing 0.085.
Select a contrast color for the quilting. Select Digitize Center for the Block Center. Click "OK".

Place the block outline so the anchor is in the lower left corner and left click with your mouse to set.

To finish the edges of the quilting pattern, add an outline stitch around the echo quilting. Select Digitize Toolbox and select the Rectangle tool.  Select the Single outline tool on the Stitch Toolbar at the bottom of the screen and select Color #14. Left click in the upper left hand corner while holding down the "Ctrl" key to create a square. Drag to the lower right corner and click again to set the square. 

Press the key "Esc" and select the outline.
Use the black control handles to adjust the size of the square so that each side touches the edges of the echo quilting. Each side can be individually adjusted. Zoom in for accuracy.

In Color Film, select the anchor and click on Color #20. Select the echo stitching in Color Film and change to Color #14.

Open the Menu "File"
> Save as "Anchors Away".
> Send the design to your machine by exporting to a USB stick with Card/Machine Write or via WiFi with Send to BERNINA WiFi Device.

How to Embroider a Trapunto Design

Press woven fusible interfacing on the wrong side of the base block fabric and hoop. Sew the anchor with a dark gray thread.

Place a piece of thin cotton (i.e.Batiste) over the embroidery area and use OESD Tear Away Embroidery Tape Tear Away to hold in place.

Change thread color as desired for the outline stitch and sew (sample shows same dark gray thread).

Change thread color as desired for the echo quilting and sew (sample shows same dark gray thread).

Cut block as desired and you have finished your Trapunto Quilt Block Design!

End of Lesson Nine

End of Lesson Nine

Are you ready for the next lesson?
I will show you how to create a freestanding lace design with the built-in toolboxes of the BERNINA Embroidery Software 9!

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