Tote bag with DesignWorks embellishments

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Picture: Tote bag with DesignWorks embellishments

Tote bag with DesignWorks embellishments


  • 0.5 m cotton fabric (for a width of 140 cm)
  • 1 thin cord, 110 cm long
  • Sewing and embroidery thread in a matching colour
  • Textile markers in various colours (recommended: Edding 4600)
  • Iron-on crystals
  • BERNINA embroidery machine with DesignWorks compatibility
  • BERNINA overlocker
  • BERNINA DesignWorks Software Box and Tools
  • CutWork Tool
  • PaintWork Tool
  • CrystalWork Tool
  • Edgestitch foot no. 10
  • Zipper foot no. 35

Cutting out (all measurements are inclusive of seam allowances)

Bag: 42 x 42 cm
Base: Circle with 11cm diameter
Handle: 44 x 4 cm


  • First, paint on the embellishment in the bottom corner of the square (bag) as per the separate instructions “Downloading the Flower Design”.
  • Neaten circle with overlocker.
  • Place the square in front of you with the embellished side outwards and at the bottom.
  • Fold side edges together lengthways with right sides facing. Draw a 1cm-high marking at a height of 23 cm on the open edge as well as on the folded edge and unfold fabric. Work a 1cm-long buttonhole into the folded edge and cut open.
  • Place side edges together again as described above; pin, and sew side seam closed such that the marked 1 cm remains open. (The cord is pulled through this slit and the buttonhole.) Press seam allowances apart.
  • Slip the open edges inside each other wrong sides facing so that the embellished side faces inwards. Both open edges now lie one on top of the other.
  • Press the folded edge, then topstitch all around at 3 and 4 cm from the outside edge. (The cord is pulled through the casing thus created.)
  • Neaten opposite edges together and divide into quarters. Mark with pins. Divide circle into quarters and mark in the same way.
  • Topstitch the open edges of the bag with the longest length of straight stitch half- a-presser-foot’s width from the edge. Allow some excess length of the beginning and end threads for knotting off. Repeat half-a-presser-foot’s width in from the edge.
  • Knot lower threads together and pull upper threads together until the circumference of the circle is reached.
  • Pin circle right sides facing in the curve so that the markings meet up. Sew in circle.
  • Turn under long edges 0.5 cm on both sides of the strip for the handle and sew together. Turn 1 cm inwards at both ends and secure above both cord slits.
  • Turn bag right side out. Halve cord and pull through a slot all the way around. Pull cord out again through the same hole. Repeat process with the opposite slit. Knot off both ends together.