Just Embroider It - eBook: All About Stabilizers

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Just Embroider It - eBook: All About Stabilizers

Stabilize It!

A stabilizer (referred to in industrial circles as backing) is essential for machine embroidery. It is used to support the fabric during the stitching. Learn about the different types and where to use them for successful embroidery.
Choosing a Stabilizer
The most important factors to consider when choosing an appropriate stabilizer are Fabric, Embroidery Design, Back Appearance, Fabric Hand, and Test Results
Cut-Away Stabilizers
Cut away stabilizers are considered the most stable and can be used on all fabric types, especially knits.
Tear-Away Stabilizers
Tear away stabilizers are used when you wish to remove most of the excess stabilizer from the back of the project after embroidery.
Wash-Away Stabilizers
Wash away stabilizers should be used when all traces of the stabilizer need to be removed from the back of the project such as when using a sheer fabric.
Specialty Stabilizers
Specialty stabilizers aid in hard-to-hoop projects and include Fusible, Paper-backed Pressure Sensitive Adhesive and Water-activated Adhesive.
As the name implies, toppings are used only on the top of the fabric to control the nap of the fabric and/or block a base color showing through a stitch-out.