BERNINA Stitchout App

BERNINA Stitchout App

Monitor your embroidery

  • Real-time overview
  • Stitch counter, thread checklists and more
  • Receive notifications and updates

BERNINA Stitchout App – Embroidery in your finger tips

The BERNINA Stitchout App allows you to track the entire embroidery process on your connected BERNINA embroidery machine on your smart mobile device. The in-app notifications and real-time status updates will make your embroidery more flexible and convenient. Learn more about its functionality and read about the frequently asked questions below.

What great functionalities await you?

Overview of embroidery design

Preview the design including its size, see how much percentage of the design has been stitched out or use the demo mode.

Overview of threads

You will be able to see what the current and next thread color of your embroidery is or how many stitches per color remain. Also, you can review your stitch position in artistic view.


Receive notifications when your embroidery is finished, when a thread color needs to be changed or if it breaks, when connection is lost or once your machine has stopped.

Frequently Asked Questions

BERNINA Stitchout App

  1. Is my machine a BERNINA 790 PRO? No other model currently offers this feature.
  2. Is the machine's WiFi turned on?
  3. Is the machine connected to the desired WiFi? Compare with smartphone. The name of the WiFi (SSID) must be absolutely identical on the smartphone and the machine.
  4. Is the machine in stitchout mode? Only then can the connection between the machine and the smartphone take place.
  5. In a guest WiFi, the devices may not be able to connect to each other.
  6. Is the machine and the smartphone logged in to the same WiFi? Turn WiFi off and on again on the machine and smartphone. Try again.

1. Is the machine in stitchout mode?

2. If this happens frequently, please enter the machine manually with SSID and password. See the operating instructions «Setting up WiFi connections»

3. The WiFi regularly reassigns the IP address and therefore no longer finds the machine. Turn the machine off and on or reselect the WiFi and enter the password.

1. The smartphone has no Internet access, neither via WiFi nor directly. Enable Internet access.

2. Does the WiFi have internet connection? Must be switched on, possibly switch the router off and on (reset).

3. The machine does not have a WiFi connection (anymore). Activate or turn the machine off and on.

1. If the smartphone was in sleep mode during embroidery, the machine must be connected in the app or Stichout app must be restarted.

2. If the smartphone is no longer within range of your WiFi network, the embroidery progress can no longer be displayed, you only receive the messages.

3. If the number of stitches in the embroidery design exceeds 100,000, the pattern preview will no longer be displayed.

1. In a guest WiFi, the devices may not be able to connect to each other. Guest networks are designed to connect devices directly to the Internet.

2. Is the machine and the smartphone logged in to the same WiFi?

3. Do other guests have the same problem? Then it's up to the guest WiFi setting.

WiFi Connectivity

  1. Is my machine's WiFi activated/logged in?
  2. Is my router turned on? To check: is my smartphone or other device connected to my WiFi network and working? Usually indicated with LED's on the router.
  3. Is my router enabled on 2.4 GHz? If not, please turn on/enable 2.4 GHz on the router. Many smartphones show in the WiFi settings which frequencies are set. For the check, access via a browser is usually necessary or the service provider can provide information.
  4. The machine is too far away from the router! Please compare with your smartphone (show the signal strength on the display) and, if necessary/possible, place the machine closer to the router. This is at least for verification.
  5. Is my WiFi hidden SSID? If so, then please set the configuration to visible or, alternatively, the SSID can be entered manually into the machine, see the operating instructions "Setting WiFi connections".
  6. Turn the WiFi router off and on again.
  7. After changing the name of the machine in the setup program, the machine must be switched off and on so that the connection can be activated and established.
  1. Does the router have a filter for MAC addresses? If so,
  2. Include the machine in the MAC addresses filter or
  3. Enable/disable the MAC address filter in the router.
  4. If the WiFi network is a business network, then a higher encryption may be required, e.g. WPA3 Enterprise. The BERNINA machine cannot do this, it supports WPA2 and WPA3 Personal.
  5. Re-enter the password for the desired WiFi network (SSID).
  6. Turn the WiFi router off and on again.
  7. After changing the name of the machine in the setup program, the machine must be switched off and on to connect.

Attention: the MAC address is only displayed when WiFi is enabled in the machine.

WiFi The name for standardized wireless data transmission in LAN
LAN Local data network for computers and other digital devices
Router A device that connects the LAN to the Internet
Repeater A device that increases the wireless distance in WiFi networks without being connected to the router with a data cable.
Access Point A device that expands the WiFi network. The device is connected to the router with a LAN cable
SSID The name of the WiFi network
MAC Address A unique code for each individual device that is/will be connected to the Internet
IP Address The assigned unique data address of a device on the Internet.
DHCP The dynamic allocation of IP addresses in a network
WPA2, WPA3 The encryption method for the radio link in a WiFi network.
2.4 GHz A defined frequency band with 11 to 14 channels (depending on the country)
IEEE 802.11 b/g/n The designation of the standards for wireless data communication as used for WiFi

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