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BERNINA software opens up new horizons, letting you design with ease on your PC and embroider and quilt to the highest quality standards – offering you boundless creativity!

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Questions & Answers about BERNINA Embroidery Software

Do you love embroidery and already have an embroidery machine? Are you ready to pursue your favorite hobby at a slightly more professional level? Or are you just starting to discover embroidery and want to master it as quickly as possible? In both cases, BERNINA embroidery software is just what you need! Software makes embroidery and creativity an even greater pleasure. As with a graphics program, before embroidering your design, you can edit, change and embellish it according to your own ideas. Create genuine embroidery one-offs, unique patterns that no one else has except you. And that's not all: you can create gorgeous designs that you then cut out or paint with your embroidery machine. Or you can design a template for iron-on rhinestone motifs… doesn't that all sound tempting? Then find out about the various embroidery software products from BERNINA!

BERNINA Designer Plus embroidery software offers you all the possibilities you could want for embroidery, turning you into a real embroidery pro. Limitless editing options and a wide range of functions make this software an indispensable companion for creative people, bringing a whole new quality to your embroidery.

This includes manual and automatic digitizing of your own or self-designed motifs and designs, color photo embroidery, different 3D special effects as well as the powerful Lettering and Monogram tools. Even large embroidery designs are child's play with the Multi-Hooping function. And, thanks to the modern user interface, the software is quick to master and easy to use. BERNINA also has a wide range of tutorials to help you familiarize yourself with the software. Create your own custom designs at home on the PC and then simply let your embroidery machine do the work. Embroidery doesn't get any better than this! It's almost uncanny how much you can do with this software. Why not try it out by downloading the free 30-day trial version!

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BERNINA Toolbox embroidery software is an easy-to-use, modular embroidery software for beginners that allows you to gradually expand and adapt the software to your growing needs. As well as the complete software package, the modules are also available individually. The Editing, Lettering Basic, Lettering and Monogramming modules allow you to grow gradually, step-by-step and expand the capabilities of your embroidery software to suit your requirements. Tutorials are also available for the Toolbox software to help you learn the individual steps and you can try it out with a free 30-day trial version. Why not get started now!!


The Editing module allows several embroidery designs to be combined or the individual elements of a design to be edited separately or together. Change colors, change the shape, combine, duplicate, group, flip, rotate, resize – everything is possible!

With the Lettering Basic module, you can combine any number of embroidery designs with lettering. A choice of 20 integrated fonts is available. The Lettering module offers a wider choice of options, with 100 fonts. It also includes five two-tone fonts, six text shapes and text boxes for decorating the lettering. This gives you a fantastic wealth of options for personalizing clothing, towels, napkins and much more.

The Monogramming module offers 15 specially designed monograms plus 10 additional fonts.
All these fonts can be combined with over 60 decorations to create one- to three-letter monograms.

BERNINA Toolbox can be installed on a Mac or a Windows PC and can also be used on a tablet. A range of patterns and functions are available in the BERNINA Cloud, so you can be creative wherever you are. Get to know Toolbox by downloading the free 30-day trial version!

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BERNINA DesignWorks software opens up three completely new worlds and dimensions! Although this software is not a classic embroidery software, it supports three creative applications – CutWork, PaintWork, and CrystalWork – that are only possible on an embroidery machine with the embroidery module. So why not use your embroidery machine to cut, paint or create rhinestone motifs? Yes, you read that right.

DesignWorks allows you to do all this, for example, cutting out intricate patterns and shapes from fabric on your machine. For this, you only need the CutWork tool. Simply mount this small mini-knife on your embroidery machine instead of the needle, and then cut out the pattern step-by-step. You can also cut several layers out at once, for example for cutting out identical pieces for patchworking. Another possibility is to paint patterns on your embroidery machine. To do this, the PaintWork tool, a holder for a textile pen, is mounted on the machine instead of the needle. Textile pens are available in many different colors, allowing you to paint fantastic, colorful motifs precisely on your fabric. You'll love it!

CrystalWork allows you to create templates for a wide range of rhinestone designs. For this, the CrystalWork tool is mounted on the sewing machine instead of the needle. With this small punching tool and a special CrystalWork film instead of fabric, the desired pattern is punched into the material as a series of small holes. Iron-on rhinestones are put into this hole pattern template and the entire thing is placed onto adhesive film. The stones stick to the film in the shape of the desired pattern and can then finally be ironed onto the denim jacket, T-shirt, sweatshirt, or blouse. It doesn't get more individual than that and it's also great fun!

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Have you decided you want to embroider, design and create like a pro and now you're looking for high-quality embroidery designs and patterns? Then we have good news for you: BERNINA works closely with the company OESD, offering a wide selection of designs for you to buy online. At (OESD), there are tens of thousands of professionally designed and digitized embroidery designs for you to choose from. Visit our embroidery shop and browse around to your heart's content! If you find something you want to buy, put your chosen designs into the shopping cart, go to the checkout and you're ready to go! At you can buy and download either individual designs or entire collections – the choice is yours.

The embroidery designs are offered in almost all standard formats, so patterns you buy from BERNINA can be used both with BERNINA machines and with other manufacturers' embroidery machines. With appropriate software, the designs can also be edited and stored in other formats. And if you ever lose a design, don't worry! Your account at our embroidery shop is open and available 24/7, 365 days a year, so you can access it and download your design again at no additional cost. What are you waiting for? Start shopping now!

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