Just SEW It - eBook: Mixed Media Stitching

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Just SEW It - eBook: Mixed Media Stitching

Stitch It!

Machine stitching techniques add depth, detail, and dimension when creating a mixed media project. Enhancing your work with color and texture using thread and fabric is simple to do and creates a level of complexity in the layers that make up the overall look of the art. These techniques are easy to incorporate into your work and are all simple to learn – even for beginners!
Basic Stitching
Machine stitching is a great way to attach elements to the background of an art piece incorporating the stitching in a way that it becomes a part of the overall design.
Paper Stitching
Stitching all types of paper from tissue paper to book pages and patterned cardstock offers lots of options to add color, texture, and interest to your projects.
Stitched Texture
An easy form of free-motion work, scribble stitching is a great way to add texture to fabric. The threads will “pull” the fabric up and give a pebbled or textured look to the surface of the fabric.
Thread Painting
Similar to scribble stitching, thread painting is more controlled and can be used to add depth and details to added elements, appliqué shapes, and fabric motifs.
Simple Couching
Add color and texture by stitching yarns, cords, and fibers to the surface of fabric. This technique can also be used as an edging for wall hangings and art pieces.
Machine Lettering
Add titles, slogans and sayings to express your message using the built-in lettering available on most BERNINA Sewing Machines.