Just SEW It - eBook: Zipper Applications

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Just SEW It - eBook: Zipper Applications

Zip It Up!

Invented in the 1800s, the zipper is an amazing notion that is usually taken for granted in daily life. Learn tips and tricks for successfully inserting various zipper styles into your sewing and crafting projects.
Zip Tips
When possible, use a zipper 2” - 4” longer than the opening it will be sewn into eliminating the need to sew around the pull tab.
Centered Zipper
A good application for necklines, the process of inserting a centered zipper intro a seam is easy to understand and simple to learn.
Invisible Zipper
Called invisible, this zipper is stitched to the seam lines and is completely hidden once the zipper is closed.
Exposed Zipper
Used on casual clothing, sportswear, purses and tote bags, this type of zipper application does not cover the coils of the zipper as part of the style of the project.