Just SEW It – Machine Appliqué


Just SEW It: Machine Appliqué

Four Appliqué Techniques!

From the French meaning "to apply," appliqué is a technique of applying fabric shapes to a background fabric and stitching them in place along the edges. Learn step-by-step how to prepare and stitch appliqué shapes using several of the most popular methods.

Tools and Supplies
Learn recommendations for appliqué stabilizers, adhesives, needles and presser feet.
Preparing the Appliqué Shapes
Learn raw-edge and turned-edge appliqué techniques.
Zigzag Appliqué
Learn tips for successful satin stitch appliqué techniques.
Blanket Stitch Appliqué
For a more casual look, learn appliqué techniques using the blanket stitch and other decorative stitches.
Invisible Appliqué
Sewn by machine, learn to achieve the look of a hand-stitched appliqués.
Raw Edge Appliqué
Artistic in nature, learn how to achieve a painted effect with appliqué and free-motion stitching.