Longarm Quilting Automation System

Discover BERNINA’s state-of-the-art system for automated quilting

Quilt automatically on your BERNINA Q 20 and Q 24 on classic or large frames

  • Easy Quilting

    Easy Quilting

    • Automated quilting in just a few simple steps
    • Easy quilting, whether stitching out simple edge-to-edge designs or intricate custom patterns
    • Includes over 250 designs from several renowned European and US Designers, including: Lisa H. Calle, Keryn Emmerson, Amanda Murphy, Tula Pink, Patricia Ritter, Linzi Upton and Sarah Vedeler
    • More than 350 additional designs included with Art & Stitch
    • Multiple on-demand help functions for assistance in every step of creating and placing your quilting designs
  • Perfect Design

    Perfect Design

    • The Q-matic system is flawlessly designed
    • Meets the highest safety standards as it is UL(r) listed and approved
    • Can be easily added to a Q Series on frame
    • Enters world of automated quilting
  • Commands at Your Fingertips

    Commands at Your Fingertips

    • Plan your quilt in every detail with ease
    • Basic features like save, copy, delete or import of designs and/or projects can be accessed in one or two clicks
    • Precise Design Placement: Positioning has never been easier with the Grab & Drop function. Virtually attach a design to the sewhead needle and precisely drop it in your quilt blocks or set virtual markers for easy border placement
    • Changing parameters like speed, upper thread tension or stitches per inch (SPI) during quilt-out are right at your fingertips
    • Running out of bobbin thread or thread breakage can be easily solved with the guided recovery feature
    • Use different view options to have the best overview of your quilting ideas
  • Easy Access & Control

    Easy Access & Control

    • 21.5" all-in-one touch PC mounted to the side of the frame guarantees comfortable access to all designing and placement features
    • For ease-of-use, additional sewhead interaction screens allow control of design stitch-out and placement directly with the sewhead
    • Returning to the main screen is not necessary making your quilting highly efficient
  • Freehand Quilting Any Time

    Freehand Quilting Any Time

    • With one-touch quick belt release system
    • Easy switch from automated to freehand quilting
    • Due to the side mounted PC and the one-touch quick belt release system, the Q Series machine remains lightweight and maneuverable
  • EasyGlide


    • The power steering of Q-matic
    • When activated, the belted machine head moves in all directions with ease and without additional force
  • Art & Stitch and WiFi Included

    Art & Stitch and WiFi Included

    • Design customization and/or digitizing with Art & Stitch, a powerful designing software for longarm quilters
    • Access Art & Stitch directly on the touch screen to begin designing quilt designs from scratch or customize existing ones
    • Trace and edit an image to your liking
    • Create unique quilt patterns using options such as: creating an appliqué design or adding a creative fill or trapunto effect
    • Upon completion, the design can be saved
    • As a Q-matic owner, you receive dual activations for Art & Stitch allowing you to run it on a second PC or laptop
    • The WiFi capability of Q-matic makes it easy to transfer designs from the PC or laptop to the Q-matic PC if both devices are connected to the home network
  • Design customization and placement

    Design customization and placement

    • Adjust designs directly on screen with a touch of a finger using either Art & Stitch or Q-matic software
    • For perfect design placement on your quilt or fabric, many useful features are readily available
    • Align designs on your quilt or fabric horizontally or vertically on the top, bottom or centered
    • Use the Boundary function to place a design into a block with a given margin
    • Mask is the perfect tool to stitch out background fillers around an appliqué shape
    • Clearly arranged user interface with task bar, tool bar, Q-matic secondary screens, quilt design area, design center and many additional commands

8 Things You’ll Love

  • One-touch quick belt release system
  • Simple switch between automated and freehand quilting
  • Compact belt drive system (stepper motor with planetary gear)
  • 21.5” all-in-one touch PC with Windows 10 Pro & WiFi connectivity
  • Sewhead interaction functions
  • More than 600 designs included
  • Import any non-proprietary design formats through Art & Stitch, .dxf and/or .bqm directly to Q-matic
  • Art & Stitch quilt design & digitizing software included

Lisa H. Calle, Longarm Quilt Artist, about the BERNINA Q Series

With a degree in Textile Management and Marketing, Lisa H. Calle soon began to explore the “other” side of textiles . . . the artistic side. She fell in love with quilting in 1997 and discovered longarm quilting in 2004. Her award-winning original designs have opened the door to teaching opportunities so that others can learn from her art and skills.

“Once you drive a BERNINA longarm, you never want to drive anything else.”

Tula Pink and Sarah Vedeler designs included

BERNINA is taking Longarm Quilting another step forward with the new designs of Tula Pink and Sarah Vedeler. The famous designers clear the way for a new art form, which we affectionately call „quiltbroidery“; a mixture between quilting and embroidery. The results are beautiful, intricate and artistic designs that transform every quilt into an art piece.

To achieve the best possible results, we recommend that you

  • Use a matching thread for Sarah Vedeler’s letter designs or even better a variegated matching thread.
  • Keep the designs the same size. If you enlarge or reduce the design, sew out a test sample first.
  • Quilt in the middle of the frame.
  • Increase the SPI (12 and up) in order for the very intricate details to show nicely.
  • Stretch the quilt top as well as the backside fabric properly but make sure the quilt doesn‘t vibrate while stitching.
  • Stretch the backside fabric sideways by help of side clamps.
  • Secure the area in which the design is being placed by first basting or stitching around it.
  • Don’t lean on the bars or put something on the quilt while the design is being quilted.