125th Anniversary Presser Foot #1

A Limited Edition

Picture: Gold-Plated Presser Foot # 1
Picture: Golden Reverse pattern foot # 1

125th Anniversary Presser Foot #1

A Limited Edition

Watch our video and enjoy 10 golden seconds of the Anniversary Foot!

All that Glitters Sews!

Coated with 24K gold, the special edition Reverse Pattern Foot #1 is an optional accessory packaged in a beautiful commemorative tin complete with a golden spool of Mettler Thread.  Whether it be for collecting or sewing*, this foot leaves a brilliant impression.

Now is the time to take advantage of this golden opportunity because it doesn’t come around every year.  So hurry and get your foot while supplies last!

Picture: Gold-Plated Presser Foot # 1 - Copy

The Gold Standard

  • Gold-Plated Presser Foot #1: The Gold-Plated Presser Foot #1 is ideally suited to sewing forward and reverse-feed stitches with its cut-outs in front and back of the needle opening.*
  • Metallic Golden Mettler Thread: Add beautiful golden stitches to your favorite projects.
  • Commemorative Tin: Store your golden foot within the golden keepsake.

SHIP TO HOME, Use promo code: SHIP125GOLD

In celebration of our 125th Anniversary, have the 125th Anniversary Golden Foot #1 in Commemorative Tin mailed directly to your home by your selected store.

* This BERNINA presser foot is coated with 24-carat gold. Gold is a soft precious metal, and therefore signs of abrasion can and likely will occur in the ordinary use of this product. The functionality of this product will not be affected by these abrasions. BERNINA MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES WHATSOEVER WITH RESPECT TO THE OVERALL APPEARANCE OF THE PRESSER FOOT, AND DISCLAIMS ANY LIABILITY RELATED THERETO, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION FOR SIGNS OF ABRASIONS AND ORDINARY WEAR AND TEAR.

** 125th Anniversary Golden Foot #1 in Commemorative Tin is mailed directly to your billing address by your store when you enter promotion code, SHIP125GOLD. If you want the product shipped to a different address, tap or click the comment checkbox and enter "Please send my Golden Foot to the following address ..." in the comment text box. Average shipping in 5-7 business days within the USA. All other products in your cart need to be picked up at your chosen dealer as usual. Offer valid while products last and at any participating BERNINA USA Store.

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