Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I find the manuals for the update and upgrade?

The B 880 or B 790 update has no manual, only release notes. Whereas the Embroidery Plus Upgrade for the B 880 and B 790 has a user manual.
Both documents can be downloaded from the B 880 and B 790 support page. The new embroidery features are also explained in a short video.

What is the difference between the update and the upgrade?

The update is necessary to keep your machine up to date. The update is free and brings improvements, such as display of design names. You'll find the update within the machine maintenance/update settings.
If you have more question about the update, have a look at our FAQ for the Update.

The upgrade is included in the Embroidery Plus Upgrade Package which is purchased at your local dealer. The upgrade enhances the embroidery functionality of your sewing machine with new features like Pinpoint Placement and Enhanced Editing and also includes the new Midi Hoop. You'll find the upgrade within the info settings.

How do I know if I have the latest update installed?

If you see the machine ID and upgrade icon in the setup program, then you have already installed the latest update. Otherwise install the update with the help of the update video.

How do I install the latest firmware update?

Watch our step-by-step video and see how easy it is to update your machine.

Where do I find the serial number?

You will find the serial number on the back of your machine. 

Note: After having installed the latest firmware update, your machine will restart and will ask for your serial number. You have to enter your serial number twice. The serial number has eight characters and you will find it on the back of your machine. Make sure that you type in the serial number correctly since it is impossible to change the number after entering. 

Where do I find my machine ID?

After you install the latest update, your machine will have an ID number. The machine ID can be located following this path on your machine. Settings > Machine > Information > ID.

Where do I find the product key for Embroidery Plus?

You find the product key in the package of Embroidery Plus.

What should I do, when the machine ID or product key are not accepted?

If you receive the error message “The code you entered is invalid?”, please check if you have entered the machine ID or product key correctly. Verify that the letter I and the number 1 are not mixed up. The letter O and the number 0 are automatically corrected.

Which placement method is used when?

Embroidery Plus Upgrade offers 3 methods in the ‘Editing mode’ to place your design in the hoop. Generally choose the design as close to the required size, as it is not recommended to scale it more than 20% in both directions.

  • ‘Move’ is the standard placement method and it is used, when you want that your design size remains as it is. With ‘Check’ you can verify the design size on the hoop. With the new feature ‘Centering the design’ you can always go back to the standard setting.
  • ‘Pinpoint placement’ is used, when you intend to exactly place your design, e.g. on a front pocket. You can select two points on the ‘Grid’ to perfectly position and fit the design. Depending on the adjustments you have made, your design size scales.
  • ‘Free point placement’ comes to play, when you want to exactly align the design with your individual markings and the ‘Grid’ with its nine position points does not contain your preferred point. The design size also changes according to your settings.  

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Where can I find the directions for the 4 projects?

The designs for the projects are located in folder number 9 (Embroidery Projects). If you click on the question mark icon (?) and on the design itself, the directions are displayed. Alternatively you can download them as PDF file from