Software works with all machines and is PC and Mac compatible; 30-Day free trial version available for download on

BERNINA of America, the premier manufacturer of sewing, embroidery and quilting machines, is pleased to introduce its new BERNINA Toolbox Software, an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, editing, lettering and monogramming modular software. The BERNINA Toolbox Software is able to read multiple embroidery formats and is compatible with all machines. Embroiderers can choose from four modules: editing, lettering, lettering pro and monogramming or they can purchase the bundle that includes all four modules in one. The software offers a wide variety of designs, fonts, text shapes and alphabets. A FREE trial is available for 30 days by simply visiting The FREE software can be downloaded to a PC or Mac®. The MSRP for the BERNINA Toolbox Editing, Monogramming and Lettering modules is $249. The BERNINA Toolbox Lettering Pro module MSRP is $349. The BERNINA Toolbox Bundle has an MSRP of $799.
“BERNINA Toolbox Software takes embroidery to a whole new level with its ease-of-use, four unique modules and bundle option, which includes all modules in one,” said Paul Ashworth, President of BERNINA of America. “With its ability to be downloaded onto a PC or a Mac, the BERNINA Toolbox Software is a quality package for all home embroidery machine users to enjoy.”
The BERNINA Toolbox Editing module easily allows embroiderers to turn any embroidery design into a new creative masterpiece by combining, rearranging, duplicating or distorting existing designs. In addition, embroiderers can edit an entire design or just sections of it; change design colors; customize embroidery patterns by using the editors and enjoy 100 exclusive embroidery designs from the BERNINA cloud. This module is also compatible with 200 plus hoops from many embroidery machine models.
The BERNINA Toolbox Lettering module offers simple and easy lettering for personalizing any project. It also has 20 high-quality alphabets for adding custom letters to projects; 6 text shapes; 100 exclusive embroidery designs from the BERNINA cloud. It also allows embroiderers the ability to edit or combine lettering with embroidery designs; insert text in capital letters into an embroidery pattern; choose between bold and normal lettering and define a personalized font.
THE BERNINA Toolbox Lettering Pro module offers more options than Lettering Basics, for more creative project personalization. There are more than 100 alphabets to choose from; 5 two-tone fonts; 6 text shapes and 200 exclusive embroidery designs from the BERNINA cloud. Additionally, embroiderers can use text boxes for decorative elements and exclusive frames for creating badges.
And lastly, the BERNINA Toolbox Monogramming module, top-of-the-line monogramming software offers creative personalization and is perfect for articles of clothing, hand towels and napkins, to customize and add dimension. This module has 15 monogram fonts; 100 alphabets; 6 lettering shapes; 10 small monogram alphabets and 500 exclusive embroidery designs from the BERNINA cloud. Additionally, embroiderers can enjoy combinations of one to three-letter monograms with more than 60 monogram decorations.
The BERNINA Toolbox Bundle includes the BERNINA Toolbox Editing, BERNINA Toolbox Lettering and BERNINA Toolbox Monogramming modules and is stored on the BERNINA cloud, a web service for Toolbox users that can be accessed by using any tablet or portable device with an Internet connection and browser. Embroiderers can download the web app and upload designs from BERNINA Toolbox to browse, store and edit designs. The 30-day free trial version has the full functionality of all the modules to allow users the chance to test drive the software. Go to to get started.
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