Picture: Benartex


The fabric that dreams are made of

Quilts are unique works of art that lend charm to individual accents in a home and make the home feel cozy and colorful. Premium quilting fabrics can give even furniture, pillows, curtains, and clothes distinct value and a unique look. Benartex - a subsidiary of the BERNINA Textile Group - offers an entire range of quilting fabrics, both traditional as well as edgy textiles, all of which come in pure cotton of the finest quality.

In the past, quilts were intended to provide warmth first and foremost and were sewn together from scraps of materials, but now the quilting and patchwork look has arrived in design studios in the greatest cities across the globe. With progressive seamstresses in mind, Benartex established the Kanvas Studios to create fabric designs that the world has never seen before. The new studio has created a tremendous amount of buzz in the fashion world.

The premium and rare fabric offered by Benartex opens up an unbelievably diverse world of ideas for quilters and sewers. As part of the BERNINA Textile Group, Benartex is only satisfied with products of the highest quality. After all, quality runs in the family!