Dress with DesignWorks Embellishments

Difficulty level Intermediate
Time to Complete A week or more


Picture: Dress with DesignWorks Embellishments

Dress with DesignWorks Embellishments

Sizes 34 – 46


  • 2 m cotton fabric (for a width of 140 cm)
  • 2 m pre-folded bias binding, 2 cm wide
  • 1 in-seam zip, 60 cm long
  • Vilene G785 (2 strips, each 1 cm wide and 90 cm long)
  • Sewing and embroidery threads
  • Textile markers in different colours (recommended: Edding 4600)
  • Iron-on crystals
  • BERNINA embroidery machine with DesignWorks compatibility
  • BERNINA overlocker
  • BERNINA DesignWorks Software Box and Tools
  • CutWork Tool
  • PaintWork Tool
  • CrystalWork Tool
  • Edgestitch foot no.10
  • Zipper foot no. 35

Picture: Dress with DesignWorks Embellishments


Print out pattern on A4 sheets (no need to adjust page size).

Picture: Dress with DesignWorks Embellishments

Glue together A4 sheets along the markings as per layout plan.

Cutting out

Tip: When using cotton fabrics, wash before cutting out, as cotton always shrinks.

Allow for the following seam allowances:

  • Centre-back 1.5 cm
  • Seams 1 cm
  • Hem 2.5 cm

  • Side bottom-front section x 2
  • Side-back section x 2
  • Side-top section, front x 2
  • Side-top section, back x 2
  • Centre-front x 1 to fabric fold
  • Centre-back section x 2


  • Neaten all sections with the overlocker, except for the neckline, armholes and hem.
  • Iron 1cm-wide Vilene strips inside the seam allowances to neckline and around armholes. Let cool thoroughly.
  • Sew together front-side top and bottom sections at waist with right sides facing. Press seam allowances apart.
  • Sew side sections to front and back centre sections with right sides facing. Press seam allowances towards the centre and topstitch close to the edge.
  • Close centre-back seam from the bottom up to the zip marking.
  • Insert zip in centre-back using the Zipper foot. Press all seam allowances apart.
  • Close shoulder- and side seams and press seam allowances apart.
  • Open bias binding on one side and stitch right sides facing to neckline (gathering curves). Allow beginning and end to project by 1 cm in the centre-back. Trim seam allowances and notch curves.
  • Turn bias binding over neckline and pin. Turn under beginning and end as well and sew.
  • Work armholes in the same manner, turning the bias binding under by about 5mm at the beginning and overlapping the end about 5mm over the beginning.  Gather curve.
  • Turn hem under twice, then press and stitch.
  • Embellish dress as wished with Designworks.

Picture: Dress with DesignWorks Embellishments

We‘ve combined all of the DesignWorks techniques in our sample dress. With PaintWork, we’ve painted on tendrils and flowers as an outline or as whole and half flowers, in some cases edging them with embroidery. With CutWork, we‘ve cut out flowers from various fabrics and materials and appliquéd them, in some cases also forming flowers from several layers and sewing them onto the dress in the centre only for an amazing 3D effect. And with CrystalWork, we created flowers from rhinestones and ironed them on.