Colourful Child's Quilt

Difficulty level Beginner
Time to Complete A week or more


Colourful Child's Quilt

Size ca. 118 x 143 cm


  • 14 different cotton fabrics, 10 cm each (Benartex) – fabrics 1-14
  • 125 cm natural-white, veined fabric (Benartex) – fabric 15
  • 40 cm pale pink, veined fabric (Benartex) – fabric 16
  • 250 cm polka-dotted turquoise fabric (Benartex) – back
  • 0.5 m pale-pink, leather-look cotton cord, 2 mm thick
  • 2.0 m natural-white, leather-look cotton cord, 2 mm thick
  • Embroidery stabilizer
  • Vilene stabilizer
  • Machine-embroidery thread and fabric remnants in matching shades for the appliqués
  • 150 cm high-loft batting
  • Remnants of thin stabilizer, face and back fusible
  • BERNINA 750 QE
  • Embroidery module
  • BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR)
  • Appliqué foot no. 23

Recommended fabric

Cotton fabrics in various colours and prints

Cutting out

Fabrics 1-14:

  • 131 x piece A
  •   28 x piece B
  •     4 x piece C
  •     8 x piece D
Fabric 16
  • 5 strips, 110 x 7 cm each (binding)


Diamond-pieced block

  1. Arrange the diamond pieces in your desired colour sequence in this format:

Picture: Colourful Child's Quilt


  1. Sew the pieces together in diagonal rows. Then sew the rows together to form a block.
  2. Cut the top edge of the block in a wave line as desired.

Picture: Colourful Child's Quilt



  1. The crown, bird, butterfly and the number 1 will be appliquéd with the embroidery machine later on.
  1. Copy the remaining appliqués from the pattern sheet to the flat side of the Vilene. Cut them out roughly. Then press them rough-side down onto the fabrics as desired. Cut the appliqués out accurately. Remove the protective paper from all pieces.
  1. Iron the cloud, moon, the small lettering 'sweet' and the animal onto the backing (place fabric 15 crosswise). The cloud will form the top right corner and the animal the bottom left corner. Adjust the width of the backing to match the width of the diamond-pieced block if necessary. Before ironing-on the animal, place six equally long lengths of the natural-white cotton cord under the head of the animal. They'll be the whiskers. Tie-off the ends.
  1. Appliqué all the elements with machine embroidery thread in a matching colour in each case. Use satinstitching (narrow zigzag) or the blanket stitch no. 1330 on your BERNINA. Place tear-away stabilizer underneath. The stabilizer is torn off after completion of the appliqué.
  1. Stitch the cross in the eye on with a small zigzag.
  1. Appliqué the lettering 'made to dream' onto the diamond-pieced block as described.
  1. Cut out two circles from a plain-coloured remnant of fabric - one 10 cm and one 7 cm in diameter. Sew four eyelets in each circles, using stitch no. 62 and embroidery stabilizer underneath. Cut the holes open with an awl. Then draw two lengths of pale pink cotton cord through the holes to the back, forming a cross. Cut out two circles from thin batting in corresponding size in each case and place under the 'buttons'. Position the 'buttons' on the diamond-pieced block as wished, secure with basting stitches all around. Then appliqué as described. Secure the cord ends with a few stitches.

Embroider the bird, crown, butterfly and the numbers on as desired.

Picture: Colourful Child's Quilt



  1. Use these embroidery files:
  • (crown)
  • (bird)
  • (butterfly)
  1. Remove the stabilizer.
Completing the top
  1. Place the diamond-pieced block against the bottom edge of fabric 15, overlapping the two sections by at least 1 cm at the narrowest spot.
  1. Baste the wave-line edge of the diamond-pieced block onto the backing section.
  1. Iron on the large lettering 'sweet' as desired. If the white fabric is very thin, use face-and-back fusible batting under the letters. If necessary, secure with a few basting stitches before appliquéing the lettering, so that the fabric won't shift when appliquéing it. Stitch the diamond block onto the backing with satinstitching (zigzag with very short stitch length) along the wavy edge of the diamond-pieced block (remember to use embroidery stabilizer underneath).
  1. Appliqué the large lettering 'sweet' as described.
  1. Cut the back into two sections and put together to form the back.
  1. Place the batting between the thoroughly ironed top and back.
  1. To prevent the layers of the quilt sandwich from shifting during quilting, fix them with spray adhesive, safety pins or basting stitches. Quilt as desired. We quilted along the outlines of the appliqués and in the ditch of the diamond pieces. We also added some freehand quilting with the BSR.
Join the fabric 7 strips to one continuous strip for binding. Fold the strip into half lengthwise. Bind the quilt. Sew the binding to the back with slip stitches by hand.