Just SEW It: Gathering Techniques


Just SEW It: Gathering Techniquest

Six Gathering Techniques!

Used to manage fullness in a stitched project, gathering is a basic sewing technique that shortens the length of a piece of fabric, forming soft folds or pleats with the fullness. Learn a variety of easy methods for gathering fabric to achieve professional results.

Basic Gathering
Learn tips for gathering light to medium weight fabrics.
Gathering over a Single Cord
Find gathering success for medium weight fabrics.
Gathering over a Double Cord
Learn how to gather heavyweight fabrics such as denim or corduroy.
Speed Gathering
Use a Gathering Foot for quick success when making yards of ruffles.
Gathering with the Ruffler
Use a ruffler to create ruffles with a pleated or gathered look, depending on the setting adjustments.
Overlocker/Serger Gathering
Make quick work of creating ruffles with a simple gathering technique using an overlocker/serger.