Longarm Quilting

Longarm Quilting

Precision meets comfort

  • Large throat space for even bigger quilts
  • Ergonomic and comfortable handling
  • You choose: On frame or on table
BERNINA Q Series Longarm Quilting Machines: No Small Thing!

Find the right Q for you

Are you looking for a BERNINA Longarm machine but you are not sure which system might be the right one for you?

The Longarm Advisor will help you to find the Q longarm system which matches your space requirements and quilting needs best.

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Discover the BERNINA Q-Series Machines

Front Threading Path
  • Forward threading path is easy to reach and to use
  • The built-in needle threader assists with quick and efficient threading
Back Handwheel
  • Offers function and convenience regardless of operating position
  • Back handwheel makes it easy to control the needle when working with pantographs
Dual BERNINA Stitch Regulation with 3 BSR Modes
  • 2000 stitches per minute (Q 16)
  • 2200 stitches per minute (Q 16 PLUS, Q 20, Q 24)
  • Dual stitch regulation keeps stitches even and consistent regardless of quilt motif complexity
  • 3 BSR modes includes one for basting
Standard Sewing Needles
  • Compatible with domestic sewing machines needles
  • Flat-back needles are easy to insert in correct position
  • Widely available for a variety of threads
Front Handwheel
  • Offers function and convenience regardless of operating position
  • Front handwheel controls the needle, activated by a push
Top Thread Tension Control
  • Electronically adjustable and numeric
  • Easily adjust thread tension and track settings for your favorite thread types
  • Save tension and machine settings in Use Profiles
Touch Screen
  • 4.3” color touch screen
  • Easy to navigate and totally customizable
Bobbin Winder
  • Quickly prepare customized ‘M’ class bobbins with ease from the front of the machine
  • Alter bobbin winding speed on-screen
  • Wind bobbins independent of machine operation
Programmable Ergonomic Handles
  • For use on frame
  • Customizable in position and length
  • Q 24 – 24” throad space provides 19” quilting space on the frame before needing to advance the quilt
  • Q 20 – 20” throat space provides 15” quilting space on the frame before needing the advance the quilt
  • Q 16 (PLUS) – 16” throat space provides 11” quilting space on the frame before needing the advance the quilt
USB and Port Plug-ins
  • USB port for updates
  • Ports for Q-matic and Pantograph Kit (optional)

9 Reasons for a BERNINA Longarm Quilting Machine


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Your local BERNINA Store is there to proudly help you, with advice on long arm quilting machines and accessories and offers hands-on intoduction for the BERNINA Q Series.

"Once you drive a BERNINA longarm, you never want to drive anything else." Lisa Hagstoz Calle Longarm Quilt Artist

About Lisa: With a degree in Textile Management and Marketing, Lisa Hagstoz Calle soon began to explore the “other” side of textiles, the artistic side. She fell in love with quilting in 1997 and discovered longarm quilting in 2004. Her award-winning original designs have opened the door to teaching opportunities so that others can learn from her art and skills.

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BERNINA - Swiss Tradition and Perfection Since 1893

Our longarm machines, along with our sewing, embroidery and overlock machines, are precisely manufactured down to the very last detail. BERNINA stands for quality and Swiss tradition for more than 125 years.

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Picture: Longarm Quilting

Longarm Basics - Q&A about BERNINA's Longarm Quilting Machines

The decision to buy a longarm machine is not an easy one. Therefore, we will answer the most important questions right below. For additional questions concerning longarm machines, please also check our FAQs for the Q-Series on frame or on table.

Let’s start with another question first: Have you been quilting on a domestic sewing machine until now? So, you might be frustrated with two things: having to move a very big and heavy quilt around with only a few inches of space between your needle and the machine, leading to sore shoulders and a hurting neck, as well as irregular stitches in free-motion quilting in case you did not have the BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR) on a BERNINA sewing machine. A BERNINA Q Series longarm will help you to solve both problems.

Let’s begin with the latter: all BERNINA Q Series longarms have the innovative, two sensor BERNINA Stitch Regulator system, whether sit-down or frame models, giving you a perfect regulated stitch, no matter how fast or slow you move the fabric or machine. A Q Series longarm will also give you much more space for your larger quilting projects compared to a domestic sewing machine. In case of the sit-down you will get 20” of throat space and a spacious dedicated longarm sit-down table or in case of the stand-up frame models 20” or 24” of throat space on a sturdy stand-up quilting frame.

Again let’s start with a question first: have you been quilting on a domestic sewing machine until now? Then most probably you will feel much more comfortable with a sit-down model, as your brain and muscle memory already know how to move the fabric to perform wonderful quilting designs.

On the other hand, does moving a large and heavy quilt on a table hurt your back, shoulders and neck and is very tiresome? Probably a stand-up frame model will be better for you. The stand-up frame has the advantage to load your quilt project completely and you are moving the sewhead, aided, in the case of a BRERNINA Q Series machine, by a specific V-wheel system for easy, smooth and no-force needed gliding of the BERNINA Q Series machine.

Another advantage of the stand-up frame models is the possibility to do pantograph quilting from the rear of the machine or add the BERNINA Q-matic automation system to your machine, which is the first step to be able to offer your quilting services to others and become a professional quilter.

It will depend on whether you have a BERNINA sit-down or a stand-up frame model. For both machine types you will love the BERNINA Needle point laser, indicating the exact spot on your quilt, where the needle is going to stitch.

Stand-up frame users should be definitely looking at the BERNINA Ruler work kit, containing the ruler base (mandatory for quilting with rulers on a frame), the Ruler foot #96 and a versatile BERNINA basic ruler. Sit-down users are advantaged in this sense – they already got their base with the table, so they only need to get some rulers and Ruler foot #96!

Both sit-down and stand-up frame machines can use the Adjustable ruler foot #72.

As a stand-up frame user not having decided yet on the BERNINA Q-matic automation system, you should be looking at the BERNINA Pantograph kit with rear handles, rear screen, laser light and combined laser light and stylus holder, a beautiful pantograph from Urban Elementz and a pantograph cover.

Are you loving micro work? Always in the case of the stand-up frame model don’t forget about the BERNINA Palm precision handles, which will give you the possibility to sit down while micro quilting with full control of the machine, creating the smallest micro work ever. Don’t forget your glasses – your designs will be so perfectly tiny, it is going to be hard to see!

BERNINA longarm accessories at a glance

Accessories Overview Catalog

Yes, indeed! Get a chance to have a look and demonstration of the BERNINA Q-matic longarm quilting automation system at one of our many BERNINA longarm dealers. One of a kind, the BERNINA Q-matic automation uses state-of-the-art technology and is URL certified, the highest standard for safety while running an automated system. Q-matic can be added to your BERNINA stand-up frame at any time as a 100% add-on, not having to exchange or discard of any parts.

The Q-matic system consists of all hardware parts including an industry standard touch PC, the Q-matic software and an additional two licenses of the Art&Stitch software.

BERNINA has a long tradition of focusing on quality and innovation and with over 125 years of experience, we build sewing machines with Swiss precision and engineering know-how. So why not take all this knowledge and make a perfect longarm? This includes...

Unique threading path

The spool holders are positioned towards the front of the machine and the forward threading path is easy to reach and simple to follow. The short thread path supports perfect thread tension.

Unique upper thread tension control

The thread tension control is a BERNINA exclusive, electronically adjustable and numeric. Easily adjust thread tension digitally with a few clicks and track the settings for your favorite thread types and combinations. There is no external upper thread tension assembly required.

On-board bobbin winder

The integrated bobbin winder (M Class bobbin) makes it convenient to wind coordinating bobbin threads for your projects, independent of machine operation.

Ergonomic handles (BERNINA Q Series Frame Models only)

The 8-way, fully-adjustable handles, place the most frequently used functions at your fingertips.

KickStart function (BERNINA Q Series Sit Down Models only)

The KickStart function allows quilting in a continuous sewing mode without having to keep the foot control constantly pressed.

And by the way: style and beautiful design of our machines have always been our mission!