BERNINA DesignWorks

BERNINA DesignWorks

Creativity in three new dimensions

BERNINA DesignWorks offers three new dimensions for creative work. With PaintWork, CrystalWork and CutWork, any images, patterns and shapes can easily be transformed into a fabric paintings, rhinestone motifs or hole patterns. CutWork was awarded the Swiss Technology Award.
Cut shapes, paint colorful designs, and create glittering crystal appliqués (01:22)

Cut out shapes, paint colorful designs or create individual motifs with rhinestones

All of this is now possible with a BERNINA sewing and embroidery machine. Using the three DesignWorks software modules, which can be used separately or combined, creativity in adding decorations to fabrics or other materials has been reaching new dimensions since 2012.

BERNINA DesignWorks supports the personalized creative construction of motifs and designs as well as the editing of completed motifs and designs on your PC. The DesignWorks family includes the modules CutWork, PaintWork, and CrystalWork.

With CutWork, you can create and edit forms that can be cut out and appliquéd, for example. Up to 15 areas can be cut out at once, depending on the material. You can make precise edges quickly and evenly.

With PaintWork, individual patterns, motifs, or images can be created and edited which can then be painted independently with your BERNINA sewing and embroidery machine. The PaintWork tool is used as a pen holder in place of the presser foot. There, textile pens or pencils and pens can be clamped in. Your BERNINA paints the chosen motif onto the material in the embroidery frame as if by magic.

Using CrystalWork, you can create motifs that, with the help of the embroidery module and CrystalWork tools, can become motif templates for rhinestones. First, create your own individual motif, pattern, or even lettering on the computer. Using the CrystalWork tool in place of the needle, your embroidery machine will then create a custom hole template. The rhinestones can be embedded manually by brushing them into the template holes and then removed as a finished motif from the template with the one-sided iron-on adhesive iron-on.

CutWork wins the Swiss Technology Award

As early as 2009, BERNINA launched the CutWork software which converts the sewing machine into a cutting tool for creating attractive hole patterns, applications and hole embroideries. The product was awarded the Swiss Technology Award in 2009. DesignWorks expands CutWork with the two modules PaintWork and CrystalWork. 

With CutWork, as in PaintWork and CrystalWork, the precise computer control of the BERNINA embroidery machines ensure that the motifs are positioned in exactly the right place. Thus, precise combinations of painting (PaintWork) with embroidery, hole patterns (CutWork) and rhinestone motifs (CrystalWork) succeed easily.