Cut, sew, and finish in a
single step!

BERNINA L 450 – easy to use

Esta overloquer oferece um grande conforto em costura. Corta, cose e arremata em um único passo. A L450 é a companhia perfeita para a sua máquina de costura.

  • Patented Micro Thread Control (mtc)

    Patented Micro Thread Control (mtc)

    • Easy to Use - a one-step adjustment fine tunes looper stitches to fit the cut edge
    • Reduces test sewouts looking for the perfect stitch
    • Creates professional seams and perfectly finished edges
  • Ultimate Comfort

    Ultimate Comfort

    • Two bright LED lights illuminate the sewing area as well as the looper threading area
    • Serger tools are easily accessible in the looper cover door – and always at your fingertips
    • Cut-offs bin for fabrics and threads; also great for storing the foot control when not in use
  • Precise and Flexible

    Precise and Flexible

    • Sew fast and smoothly at any speed
    • Stitch and cut thick fabrics with ease and precision
    • Stitch wave-free seams in knits and pucker-free seams in fine fabrics with differential feed
  • Easy Threading

    Easy Threading

    • Easy & ergonomic threading with the manual needle threader
    • Simple lower looper threading with the lower loooper threader
    • Thread successfully following the color-coded path and using the handwheel positioning window
    • Accessible & easy thread cutting on the external thread cutter

Reasons to buy the L 450

The BERNINA L 450 is the second model in the BERNINA L Series. It is the perfect overlock solution/companion to the BERNINA L 220 chain/coverstitch machine for the complete Serger Solution.

The BERNINA L 450 offers the following benefits:

  • Sews, cuts and finishes seams in one operation for efficiency and with precision
  • Easy and comfortable to handle even for beginners 2-3-4 thread stitch formations provide the most flexibility in selecting the perfect stitch
  • Professional stitch quality each time
  • Excellent rolled hemming
  • Perfect for stretchy and woven fabrics
  • Ruffles and gathers automatically with differential feed