How do I embroider large embroidery designs?

If the embroidery hoop is too small for your embroidery design, then you don't have to miss out on your chosen motif. The embroidery file can be easily split in the BERNINA Embroidery Software 9 DesignerPlus. This opens new embroidery possibilities.
Automatic or manual framing

Automatic or manual framing

In BERNINA Embroidery Software 9 DesignerPlus, multiple hoop settings for large embroidery designs can be set manually or automatically. Automatic Multi-Hooping is the easiest way to set hoop positions. This works best for simple embroidery designs. Manual Multi-Hooping is the better choice for more complex embroidery designs.
Video Automatic
Video Manual

When splitting, the following should be considered:

When splitting, the following should be considered:

  • If a large embroidery design or design layout requires multiple hoops, it is important that the stitch-out sequence from the background to the foreground is always maintained.
  • The embroidery design should be placed in the smallest possible number of hoops.
  • The overlaps between consecutive hoops should be as large as possible for precise matching.

How do I place multiple hoops so that they fit each other?

How do I place multiple hoops so that they fit each other?

With Multi-Hooping, registration marks are created automatically. These are automatically recalculated when moving individual hoops. Individual objects that are too large for the selected hoop can be split manually.

The following example shows how to set and stitch out multiple hoops.

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An example

An example

  • Open the embroidery design and specify the machine and hoop. To do this, the embroidery machine and the largest available hoop are selected in the BERNINA embroidery software.

  • Go to the Multi-Hooping toolbox. 
  • Everything that is shown in green has a place in the hoop. When moving and rotating the hoop, it becomes clear that another hoop is required to embroider the complete design.

  • Click Add Hoop and move the second hoop as desired.

  • The second hoop can also be rotated, which is useful here. Always let the hoops overlap broadly, this increases the accuracy when embroidering.
  • Luckily, the word "happy" in this file consists of two parts, the "ha" and the "ppy", each can be embroidered with one hoop. The two hoops are now sufficient for the complete design.

  • The pattern can now be saved to the USB stick or directly on the machine.
  • When you click on the Transfer design symbol, a new window appears. Hoop 1 is selected and can be transferred to the machine. Then, select hoop 2 and save it to the machine or the stick. In this window, the two registration marks are also visible, which help to place the second hoop correctly when embroidering.

  • For a better overview, it can be beneficial to print out the embroidery design. There are several options for printing. The printout can be placed on the fabric to correctly position the large embroidery design.



  • Select the first embroidery file and embroider as usual. The last embroidered color contains the registration marks for attaching the next hoop.
  • Unhoop the fabric and carefully remove the stabilizer. Caution: For lace, as shown in the photo, the stabilizer should not be removed.


Always choose a stabilizer that matches your project and if needed, fix the fabric with spray adhesive. If you are not embroidering lace, you can also use self-adhesive embroidery stabilizer.
With the help of our embroidery tip "Choosing the right stabilizer" you will quickly find the matching stabilizer for your project.

  • Next, hoop only the embroidery stabilizer. Select the second embroidery file and embroider the two registration marks.
  • Insert a pin through the center of each cross of the first hoop. Insert needles through the registration marks on the second embroidery stabilizer so that they are aligned. Adhere fabric with spray adhesive (if self-adhesive stabilizer was not used) and remove the needles. Embroider the file. If another hoop is needed, the machine will embroider two marks again, which are required to attach the next hoop. Repeat steps until the entire design is embroidered.

That's it! Multi-hooping opens new possibilities for customizing your projects with embroidery. Whether it's a pair of pants, a jacket or a dress, thanks to multi-hooping with the BERNINA Embroidery Software 9 DesignerPlus, you are no longer dependent on the size of your hoop!

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