Prečo milujeme našu BERNINA ...

Prečo milujeme našu BERNINA ...

We give the word to our experts

What makes BERNINA special for you? Precision? Penetration Power? High class accessories? There are so many reasons to fall in love with your BERNINA. Our experts Kasia Hanack, Grete Greenshpon, Marloes Dadswell, Tula Pink and Lisa H. Calle embroider, quilt, longarm quilt and sew on BERNINA machines. Their machines help them to realise their sewing projects. What they love about their BERNINA? Let's watch their video messages!

My BERNINA & me – sewing

Marloes Dadswall has been a true BERNINA fan since she was a child, when she used to secretly sew on her grandmother's BERNINA. She comes from the Netherlands, is a famous corset designer and was the winner of the sewing television show "Door het oog van de Naald" in 2015. For her, the primary requirement for a good sewing machine is the ability to create small, precise stitches, as corsets have to be able to withstand very high tensions when worn. The buttonhole function is also an important feature for Marloes. You can find out what else she loves about her sewing machine in our video:

My BERNINA & me – quilting

Grete Greenshpon's passion is quilting. So there is no better BERNINA sewing machine for her than the new B 770 Quilter's Edition! Grete's sewing machine runs almost constantly and her B 770 QE normally has to deal with lots of layers of fabric and batting at once. But her sewing machine also has to cope with leather and vinyl, and the B 770 QE does all this with precise, uniform stitch formation. Another great advantage is the machine's long freearm, which allows Grete to produce even large quilts on her B 770 QE. The BERNINA Stitch Regulator is one of Grete's favourite presser feet. It enables her to achieve excellent free-motion quilting results with ease. You can find out what else Grete likes about her BERNINA in the following video: 

Tula Pink is an American textile designer and quilt maker with a dark sense of humor buried in a sea of print and pattern. She plays with images the way a poet plays with words, turning innocuous traditional designs into mischievous little critters. Whether it’s a head of hair teased into a pirate ship or a damask molded into a frog, Tula can wrangle any shape into her own candy-colored fantasy of creature delights.
“My BERNINA never lets me down.” Tula Pink expects her machine to consistently perform. She loves the proven stitch quality, unmatched reliability and made-for-the-sewist design only BERNINA offers. You will too.

My BERNINA & me – embroidery

What should you do if your daughter, Tina, insists that she wants a fox on her bag? Easy - just switch on your B 790 and, thanks to the large embroidery area, you can embroider the fox onto the bag in one go. Kasia Hanack is a real embroidery professional and her daughter Tina is probably her biggest fan. Kasia designs lots of sewing projects for magazines and books. She puts her ideas into practice on a B 790. Kasia is particularly keen on the sewing machine's long freearm and the large touch screen, which even Tina can easily use to operate the machine. Kasia especially likes the large bobbin, which can be changed easily without removing the sewing projects. A major advantage is that the B 790 can be used with the Maxi Hoop. Kasia can now embroider even large projects in one piece. Take a look at Kasia and Tina in our video:

My BERNINA & me – longarm quilting

With a degree in Textile Management and Marketing, Lisa H. Calle soon began to explore the “other” side of textiles . . . the artistic side. She fell in love with quilting in 1997 and discovered longarm quilting in 2004. Her award-winning original designs have opened the door to teaching opportunities so that others can learn from her art and skills.