Picture: Longevity

Exceptional Quality

Swiss inventions, Swiss precision for more durability

Our philosophy „we’re always at the beginning, never at the end“ consists of values that only have value when they are lived with passion. Of course, we always finish things to exacting standards, but in the process we always have ideas for the next project. Due to the fact that we take time to finish our products we are able to reach the high level the customer expects. Our products represent Swiss quality and reliability and are made for the use by more than one generation.

Do you know how many „old“ BERNINA sewing machines are used today? For example, in 2013 BERNINA provided an orphanage in Burkina Faso, Africa, with several cast-iron sewing machines. These sewing machines are now used in the sewing studio at the orphanage, so that the young people there have the opportunity to take a three-year tailoring apprenticeship. The advantage of the cast-iron sewing machines is that they can be used without electricity. BERNINA Schweiz AG is very pleased that these sewing machines, which were serviced in Steckborn and now work perfectly, will be able to contribute to the futures of these young people.